Kirby’s Blowout Blast

Aspira, hit, repeat
Kirby’s Blowout Blast’s core is much less often, as is the demand for disbursement, compared to regular franchise titles: in view of a summer in which the number of releases on 3DS is not exorbitant (to use a great euphemism), the great N has thought it good to propose a quick title, from the extremely simple gameplay, which can be approached, in many ways, from the best productions for smartphones.
The opportunity to dedicate itself to only five minutes, the immediacy of the controls and the low level of difficulty all point in the same direction: to offer the wide audience of the two-screen console a delicious and fresh pastime that does not require too much effort or too much so that you can play it under the umbrella or the train that takes us to the sea.
By framing a series of levels with an isometric view, the product puts the player in Kirby’s role, with the goal of completing the lessons as quickly as possible, eliminating all the enemies and collecting the highest number of coins and other bonuses of various kinds .
The dynamic that regulates the interaction between the pink ball and its opponents is the usual one: inhales them (more than one at a time, so as to load a greater power stroke) and rescues them, giving rise to an unpredictable pinball effect and consequent, lavish carambola.
Mastering the trajectories and timing will improve your performance considerably compared to the first attempt, and this search for the best possible score is much of a title apiece, otherwise it can be completed in less than a couple of hours, thirty poor levels.
Kirby's Blowout Blast
Boss already seen
The very low level of challenge, which will surely benefit younger players and less dedicated players, end up challenging the challenge for all those who have been wearing Kirby countless times over the years: the five minute timer is always proven extraordinarily generous during our test, and the energy bar has not only never been emptied, but has never even risked doing so.
On the other hand, it is undeniable that some sadistic pleasure is to see the enemies fall as skittles after a well-calculated shot or beat one of the bosses we will be faced with, from that matte down to Dededo.
A minimum of effort will be required to meet the secondary goals, which will guarantee gold, silver and bronze medals to their completion: ending a level without being hit by opponents is an easy-to-target goal to pick up certain hidden coins or more difficult to achieve can be much less, especially if coupled with the need to beat a time limit lower than the aforementioned five minutes.
Hence, the need to replenish the levels already completed, which does not relate to the variety of experience, but it gives greater value to the low, but low-cost, economic outlay, especially when compared to other smaller productions (such as the three BoxBoys remain in the Hal Laboratory field).
The formula that was already at the base of the 3D Challenge Kirby is thus unable to keep its attention high for too many consecutive minutes, losing already after about fifteen minutes the appeal of the very first moments of play: excessive repetition of bosses does not help , in this sense, and the end result is that of a fun product only if enjoyed in extremely short sessions, and without too much pretense.
Kirby's Blowout Blast
Many colors and 3D
Well, but not very well, even if you shift your attention to the purely technical aspect, which even in such a production is a secondary factor: the level design is very simple, and the monsters are the classic ones of the series but we appreciated ( for once …) the depth that the stereoscopic effect adds to the gameplay.