Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

Opens Gears of War: Ultimate Edition beautiful CGI-roller, which tells the backstory of further developments. Sulfur on the planet attacked the ugly monsters invading – Locust. Numerous attempts to fight off the attack of the aliens are in vain; local forces make a decision – to burn the surface of Sera powerful air strike to somehow temper the ardor of the invaders. After that, most of the world in ruins, the population was reduced to a minimum; for the defense of their native land released, even those who have been behind bars – in particular, the amnesty touched protagonist Gears of War, Marcus Fenix, subsequently headed the group “Delta”.

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The situation on the Sulfur to hell. The oppressed of this world in the original passed through the gray scale and zapustevshie street – not very elegant way. In Gears of War: Ultimate Edition The Coalition conducted a reconstruction of art: location details overgrown, and the picture has become more colorful. However, this does not mean that the remaster has a different mood. No, The Coalition artists completely preserved the original atmosphere of the global decadence – the difference is that Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is expressed more clearly from an artistic point of view. The foliage of the trees found dreary autumn yellowness, the setting sun’s rays barely make their way through the shattered and smoldering building facades, urban roads sprouted thick grass, power line sparked a couple with neon signs.

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In addition, the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition brought what originally was not in principle – environmental storytelling.

If you carefully look around, you can dorisovyvat the big picture by connecting his own imagination. For example, walking through the outskirts of the city, you can stumble upon the equipped tent in the yard of the house.

Looking inside, you find gnawed human bones lying on the mattress – apparently homeless poor man torn apart right during sleep.

These sketches will undoubtedly open up a new depth that lacked the original version. First Gears – this chamber story, introduces you to its universe. Thanks to such trifles re better introduce you the ropes.

Processing environment did not stop. The Coalition has taken and re-shoot all the cut scenes and processed facial animation characters. Staging and the acting in the remaster Gears of War is not worse than in The Order: 1886 .

In Gears of War: Ultimate Edition virtual operator pulls out the most spectacular camera angles, takes spectacular large and general plans, clever use of delayed action. Every scene in Gears remaster removed as if the game was prepared for theatrical release.

In one scene, Locust churning helicopter flying rescue Marcus, after which he crashed into the nearest building, prokapyvaya its own blades – soar into the air thousands of stone fragments, all the sparks rise clubs enveloping smoke.

Following the spinner falls to the ground, scraped protsarapyvaya urban asphalt, and detachment “Delta” in a spectacular jump dodging approaching him iron hulks. After a modified version of this episode in the original looks like unfinished workpiece.

Against the background of all the improvements may not be noticed defects which in its original form moved from the original version in the Ultimate Edition. So, The Coalition decided not to touch the artificial intelligence of your teammates – they now and then blindly climb the bullets and do not do anything useful (here comes to the rescue co-op mode).

Left untouched and placement of checkpoints: remaster Gears, like the original, are often stored before any routine in the spirit of “Hey, Marcus, spin the valve, please.” After several replay – and in particularly hot moments die often enough – the requests begin frankly annoying.