RX 5600 XT cards can only come out with 6 GB of memory – review

The database of the Eurasian Economic Commission has repeatedly become a source of leaks about future products. So it happened this time. Reportedthat on the regulator’s website several video cards of the family were noticed Radeon RX 5600 XT the company Gigabyte.
According to the record, nine models appear there, while not a single one with 8 GB of GDDR6 memory, although earlier such solutions were announced. Perhaps this is not a complete list, or versions with increased memory are planned to be released later.

In addition, all these cards are specifically related to the older version, because it is not a fact that the company will issue Radeon RX 5600. Although, of course, you cannot rely solely on ECE data, because certain versions of maps can be issued only for certain markets.

As for the differences between the cards, then obviously they are in the cooling systems, design and clock speeds. It remains to wait for the exit, which is planned in January.