For investors fell in Activision Blizzard. Maybe you should?

As we remember, the first part of the widely known online shooter Destiny from Activision Blizzard did not immediately fell in love with the players, the game took some time to conquer the hearts of gamers.

However, outstanding game mechanics and a number of additions to the plot have done their job: the result is not only a title has become popular, but the publisher was able to bring a good income.

Activision Blizzard and Bungie developer in the person decided not to stop there. As we well know, in the beginning of September this year, the light will see the second part of the shooter. Destiny 2 will cease to be a console exclusive, because the publisher has promised to release a version for PC.

On what date the race PC rulers should appoint a celebration on the occasion of the arrival of the famous shooter on your platform is not yet known, Activision Blizzard is silent on the timing. However Gmbox dare to suggest that the PC version will be available before the end of this year.

Investors have appreciated the approval of such a move on the part of the publisher. Obviously, this is the path to an even broader base of players, which will inevitably have a positive impact on earnings. But it’s not just that Activision Blizzard has decided to release the same version of Destiny 2 for the PC. Of great importance is the way it intends to do so.

The emergence of Destiny 2, (now Blizzard App)


No longer a secret now that Destiny 2 on PC will be exclusively available from the launcher of Blizzard , who until recently wore the official name of

This is an unprecedented action on the part of Activision Blizzard, as a sequel to Bungie creation will be the first game available through Home, the production of which involved not the Blizzard.

The merger of Activision and Blizzard took place in 2008, and now they are, so to speak, under the common banner. Nevertheless, both companies continue to maintain a significant share of autonomy when it comes to game development and promotion. The story of the emergence of Destiny 2 says that, it seems, more and more companies are starting to come together and work on projects in teams.

If you for some reason do not know what is the today, we are ready to describe it in a nutshell. By and large, the service is no different from their counterparts. This is a classic launcher, only for Blizzard games. Through it you can play titles released this infamous office, as well as chat with friends, to be united with them in a group to play with on the network, to participate in social activity, etc.

Blizzard launched in Diablo in 1996, since the first part of the city, and since none of the major titles the company has not bypassed the launcher side. At its core is a free analogue PlayStation Network with a subscription PS Plus one condition – you can only play Blizzard games. And Destiny 2 will soon change that forever.

Why is this so important?


Making Destiny 2 exclusive to, Activision is moving away from Steam – the largest platform games on the PC. Sell through profitable for Activision, because Valve takes a 30% commission on sales of games through its store.

In addition, Steam users are accustomed to wait for sales, that has an impact on a publisher’s earnings. In addition to them crushes the competition, which sometimes causes the lower prices for their titles on Steam, and between seasonal sales.

You can appropriate to say, “But what about the giant user base compared to the”. Well, it can only reply that of Activision, it seems willing to compromise. In addition, continues to show excellent results in terms of user growth.

Another Activision Blizzard trick may lie in the fact that not will promote Destiny 2, and vice versa. It is obvious that with the advent of the shooter from Bungie in the Blizzard launcher will bring new players. Although it is highly dependent on regional characteristics.

In the US, for example, the popularity of the original Destiny much higher than in Russia. At the same time in our country are well aware about and actively use the service. As a result, different regions of mutual PR can work in different directions.

In any case, finding the games under a common flag opens up new possibilities for mutual promotion projects. And as we know, Blizzard is very fond of such tricks. Who knows, maybe next winter is expected to appear in the famous HotS Cade with his sparkling humor and Ulta Golden Gun.

This is just the beginning


Well worth waiting for a new competitor to Steam in the face of This is unlikely, since Blizzard announced that he was not going to turn your service into a full game store, where third-party companies can post their game. In other words, an exception is made only for a partner in the person of Activision.

But at the same project from Activision deal can not be completed. In any event, the company did not deny the possibility that other Activision titles may later appear in the list of games in

Cooperation within the framework of the launcher is not only brings Activision Blizzard and the relationship to a new level, but also allows the company to occupy a special niche in the market.

We are talking about a store that combines a specific set of games – from multiple vendors, which list is very limited. In terms of genres, this set will no less strange, but investors are not confused.

After the announcement of the appearance of Destiny 2 stock Activision Blizzard was first shown quite a significant reduction, but at the time of this writing, the first time reached the level of $ 60 per share. Apparently it took the market some time out to understand what is happening and make up their minds about Activision Blizzard’s plans for the future.

Source: MarketWatch