No sushi, no steak

A new part of Fire Emblem perfectly characterize its Japanese subtitle If: permanent “if-if-if” accompanied by the hero or heroine of the whole campaign, sometimes even leading to critical plot points (such as the tragic loss of a fighter), not to mention the fork, cutting the game sodium.

Ironically, all these forks are peaceful and not very dialogs do not relieve the feeling that we have created the heroine (or hero) with its own history and an individual character suddenly turns into an abstract individual, even against our will, devoted to the ideals of forgiveness and love. Authors like a tease: and let you, for example, come up with in my head chaotic evil’a, cynical and indifferent to the fate of the orphaned and needy, and serves to identify with eerie type (chaotic evil after all) nyashey that, despite the difficult biography for it to have been everywhere love & peace. Ah, the “if-if-if” behavior companions there is a clear motivation and response to the actions of the protagonist … But the “oohs” and “ahami” will not help.

Approximately Fire Emblem Fates is in its scenic structure, and this structure does not change until the end. But let’s order.

So our prince or princess grows alone in the great dark tower in the Kingdom of Nor and leisure it brightens two brothers and two sisters – also for the most part not the most cheerful and joyful heir to the throne, but truly love the protagonist and ready to defend his until the last. But my father (at a glance on which you can draw a conclusion about his mental state) is not so good and always tries to send the fifth son a known dangerous tasks. As a result, one of them faithful maid (which is actually a dragon!) Makes the hero from death and moves into his strange world beyond. Getting there, the protagonist meets with representatives of the hostile Duchy Nor Hoshide, and immediately there is nobody else but the offspring of the head of state, which – oh, these matches – real mother is a hero.

After spending a couple of chapters on admiring how nice and cozy yaponopodobny Hoshide, the game throws a gallop: King Nora betrays the hero, himself the protagonist takes the opportunity to apply to the dragon, and now began an ominous sixth chapter, when our supposedly alter ego will need to make the choice between native and adoptive family. The choice is not easy: in the alternative have to pay real money already.

It should be noted that the very Fire Emblem Fates both directly and indirectly suggests a variety of “right” to do: the former “father” betrayed and the people of Hoshide and cute, and kind, and relatives in the direct sense of the word. And it is supposedly discreet solution will lead the player to a more easy way, which is, perhaps, to know and not know about Fire Emblem previously: here and the possibilities are endless pumping in side missions and unbeaten older brother Remus, to kill which is capable of only the most powerful bosses. And if you marry it with ninja Kagero ….

Campaign for Nor much more severe: here there is nowhere further to swing, except in the rare side missions (about them later), even themselves princes and princesses sometimes painfully beat standard spearmen and axemen, and in general, if you are going to play on a standard normal difficulty with dying characters forever, be prepared for many, many restarts.

Two problems: firstly, even pumped relations between the two tanks (Prince and pseudo-sister, for instance) are far from being a guarantee, that the pair survive the attack of average unit sizes. Secondly, Fates forces to be extremely attentive to each of the enemies: forget about the standard triangle sword-ax, spear, here every bedraggled soldier can be armed with a special, sorry, anti-mechnym ax. Now add to that the Pegasus riders able to equip bows, deadly for flying units …