The Franz Kafka Videogame

Studio Daedalic we all know mainly good-adventure games Deponia and of Edna and Harvey . This excellent quests: smart, funny, inventive and beautiful. They have won prestigious awards, were warmly received by players and critics. In general, the logo Daedalic box with adventure games have always been a guarantee of quality.

In the case of The Franz Kafka the Videogame Daedalic acts publisher. On the product itself studio did not work – or worked slightly – so come off the bar too high. Game made a small team of developers, so the impressions it leaves mixed.

Let’s start with the main and immediately recognized each other, that Kafka was here at all to do with it. Authors simply packed a bunch of puzzles in the cover of “absurd” setting and pulled the ears Kafka as a master by inserting here and there, a quote from the Castle and the Americas, the major works of the author. It turned out not very convincing.

Hurry aboard the ship flies a minute!Hurry aboard the ship flies a minute!

The game tells about the journey of a poor psychologist K (Kafka himself, by the way, was an ordinary bureaucrat in an insurance agency) to America, where he invites a mysterious organization “Castle.”

The path will take about one and a half hours from the initial to the final credits, and will look like a scattering of unpretentious puzzles, going one by one.

Among them, there are a couple of interesting, but for the most part they are very boring. Somehow you do not expect the classic “Fifteen” in the game 2017 release.

Not that lovers of quests have been spoiled a lot of quality games, so that The Franz Kafka Videogame pleased with the complete absence of bugs, a couple of really interesting puzzles and beautiful design. But one good puzzle here falls a few completely illogical and outdated.

Puzzling and linguistic puzzles that, despite the fact that the game supports the Russian language, and generally made by a single Russian developer, are tied to the use of words in English.

After the decision you explain the meaning of the words used and the Russian translation, but what is with this sense, if you had to solve a puzzle, not knowing the right words?

In this case, save the hint system, which first of all gives a hint at the solution (sometimes quite obvious, but it does not clarify the essence of the job), and after another five minutes just shows a complete solution.

Drawn game just fine.Drawn game just fine.

In general, nothing good to say about the product does not work. On the one hand, of The Franz Kafka the Videogame absolutely do not want to abuse: despite the fact that it worked on only one person, the game was a beautiful and easy (except for the date with a tag, of course). On the other – from Quest logo on the box Daedalic wait considerably more interesting game process.

Based on the biography and works of Kafka could make a huge and interesting game, but instead we were given the product, the quality does not even reach the first part of the mobile of The Room.

But everything comes with experience, and it is possible to “pump” for the project, the studio will make even a lot of really good and interesting games. But to start is to work out a less high-profile names.

The game looks great and happy pair of really nice and interesting puzzles. But, unfortunately, it’s all her positive traits. Short story leads from nowhere to nowhere, and a large number of illogical and uninteresting puzzles spoil all impression.