BOMBORA invites players to the all-Russian duel tournament DOOM II: Hell on Earth BOMBORA CHAMPIONS!

Play direction publishers BOMBORA organizes a tournament in honor of the publication of the book “DOOM. How a new genre was tempered in battles with demons“.

BOMBORA CHAMPIONS – the first cyber event of this level from a book publisher. Gamers from all over the country will fight for the title of the most powerful Rock Soldier in the world DOOMMarch 20 and 21 the first and second qualifications will pass, March 27 – the final battle. Any player over 18 can participate, it’s free

On qualifying days for Discord-the championship server, on a first-come, first-served basis, will be called by two gamers to participate in a duel. Players will have to decide which maps to play and join their dedicated server. The 8 best players of qualifications will compete in the final… For detailed rules see link

Tournament judges: translator of books about DOOM Mikhail “Mostcus” Bocharov, representatives LegacyZ – creative association of fans of retro games and – project Doom power… Everyone will be able to watch the battles: streams will be organized. All participants will receive prizes from the Bombora Publishing House and partners. 8 of the coolest Space Marines will be rewarded with gift packs… Event partners: TV channel 2×2, score Madrobots, LegacyZ,, Liters, Book24

All details can be found on the official site activity.

About the book “DOOM. How a new genre was tempered in battles with demons”

Book-portal to the world of the main shooter of all times and peoples. Dan Pinchbeck, Creative Director for The Chinese Room (Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs) takes the reader through all levels of the game and explains why the release of DOOM in 1993 changed the world of video games forever. Key developers of the first part of DOOM have provided feedback specifically for the Russian edition. Bonus – an additional chapter about the new parts of the series.

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