Finding Paradise: the review of the awaited sequel to To The Moon

 Finding paradise review

A boulder aimed at the stomach of the players, a shot fired straight to the heart able to make even the most cold spirits cry.If at the time we melted like icicles in the sun, the merit was mainly of Kan Gao, a person with a series of talents like very few others in the world of video games.


Together with the indisputable ability to conceive and tell the story of To the Moon through this medium, Gao also demonstrated a perfect mastery of the musical composition, by signing a simply perfect soundtrack.


With so many fine words spent on To the Moon it was impossible not to think about a sequel,for which we had to wait six long years.

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Announcement date November 7, 2014
Release date December 14, 2017
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux

In the middle, with A Bird Story we had an appetizer of what we would have expected, and it is three years after the latter that Finding Paradise finally makes its debut.


A title awaited with great anxiety by all those who were able to appreciate To the Moon, to the point of pushing a few days ago the same Kan Gao to put on YouTube a video in which he tried to dampen expectations.


As far as we are concerned, we can anticipate that it could have done without a shadow of doubt, because Finding Paradise is the sequel that To the Moon deserved. Let’s see why.

Finding Paradise: the review of the awaited sequel to To The Moon

 Finding paradise story

By approaching this review, it is very likely that you have asked yourself the question that gives the title to this box. The answer is quite simple: before venturing further into reading, we strongly advise you to retrieve them both.


Accomplices of discounts to celebrate the release of Finding Paradise, the expense to be taken to make sure the To The Moon and A Bird Story at this time does not exceed 5 euros: practically the price of a beer to be invested to get prepared for this event.


You will grasp all the links of Finding Paradise with its predecessors, but above all you will not risk making you anticipate something from third parties.


Apparently,  finding paradise steam does not contain direct ties with To The Moon, sharing with it only the activities of Sigmund Corp. that are the background to the two stories written by Kan Gao. Just as it was before Johnny and his desire to go to the moon,  finding paradise faye grapples with the last desire of Colin, a retired aircraft pilot who turned to the aforementioned company to change his memories.


In fact, Sigmund Corp. possesses a technology able to give people a “second chance”, entering their minds to engage in Inception stylefacts actually not happened, but thanks to which to grant a last minute free from regrets before the departure.


The possible consequences of the use of this technology make it usable only at the point of death, when the doctors of the company arrive at the customer’s home with their equipment.


So we find the old acquaintances Eva Rosalene and Neil Watts, professionals of Sigmund Corp. seen in the first chapter, now back to satisfy the desire of Colin.A job apparently similar to many others, but soon began to show its difficulties: Colin seems to have lived a happy life, with a job that he loved as well as his family composed of his wife Sofia and his son Asher.


This is confirmed by the fact that Colin asks Sigmund Corp. not to modify anything concerning his family, without appearing to be able to express what he really wants to get from the operation.


Arrived at the place, Eva and Neil must therefore first find out how to satisfy Colin’s desire for happiness, starting from the most recent memory up to his childhood.The experience will not prove as straightforward as Johnny’s, putting a strain on the skills of the doctors in completing their work. Compared to the love story of To the Moon,


Finding Paradise deals with philosophical themes such as the acceptance of adulthood, the comparison with solitude and the pursuit of happiness in life, to the point of bringing everyone to reflect on the ethical aspect of activity carried out by Sigmund Corp.


Less direct topics, and for this reason perhaps able to make you cry less (even if we have already advised you to keep your handkerchiefs), but that after having finished  finding paradise game they will come drop by drop into your mind, making you feel enriched by this adventure.


We really want to tell you more, but this is not the place: without further details what we can say is that Kan Gao has set up a different story from the previous one, but in an equally touching absolute value. Chapeau.