Fast and winning

 Porsche pack 2 review

The number of fans, bewitched by the refined physical-dynamic model of the simulator, has continued to increase – and continues today – not only thanks to the simple players, but also to the experts in the world of motoring, as they have repeatedly confirmed to us. developers.

Fast and winning

Interviewing the co-founder and programmer Stefano Casillo, we discovered that Porsche engineers are among the most enthusiastic about their work, and it was this great interest for Assetto Corsa that pushed the prestigious Stuttgart home to approach Marco Massarutto (the other boss of Kunos Simulazioni) during an industry fair.


In short, it is yet another source of pride for the Italian team, also in light of the exclusivity of the Porsche brand within driving simulators.


The rest, is a love story with a happy end blossomed with a solid partnership, culminating with the agreement on the DLC and a spectacular joint press event – for Porsche was present the manager Sebastian Hornungh – which we participated last November 18 with support of 505 Games, the editorial division of the Digital Bros group.


To understand how tight the bond has become between companies, it is enough to think that Porsche has brought to Vallelunga three legendary cars exhibited in the official museum of Stuttgart; the marvelous 918 Spyder that has detached the stratospheric 6:57 minute time at the Nurburgring and two successful prototypes at 24H Le Mans, or the historic 962C Long Tail led by Bell, Stuck and Holbert and the 919 Hybrid of 2015, the latter still marked by dirt and scratches “conquered” in the race.


In addition, we were able to take to the track with a platoon of 911 Carrera 4S and 2S to further evaluate the proximity between the cars of the German brand and those reproduced in the simulator, present in force with different PC stations (equipped with Nvidia 1080 cards ) and PlayStation 4.


Not only that, in the box where it was parked the 919 Hybrid there were also a pair of official Porsche simulators, also shaped by the Assetto Corsa code.


The event, in which Sparco participated as an official partner, allowed us to try some models of the  assetto corsa porsche season pass after numerous home tests; before diving into reviewed a few weeks ago on PCwill be released on November 29 also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

 Assetto corsa porsche pack 2brings some of the most iconic and desired cars in the German company to Assetto Corsa

Forza Horizon 3 – The Best Porsche Challenge!


The first Stuttgart fireball to end under our magnifying glass is a car loved and known by the players, having been among other things the absolute protagonist of a good racing game released twenty years ago on the first PlayStation.


We are talking about the Porsche Challenge and of course the Porsche Boxster, a roadster so named for the fusion between the name of the engine equipped (the boxer with opposing cylinders) and that of the category it belongs to.

 Assetto corsa porsche pack car list

In the Porsche Pack 2 of  assetto corsa porsche mod we do not find the original series of 1996,but the latest proposal in two variants, namely the 718 Boxster S with manual transmission and the one with the iconic seven-speed PDK.

Fast and winning

The car is actually the twin sister “discovery” of the 718 Cayman S, a model that we have already analyzed in the excellent Porsche Pack 1. Numbers and performance are there to prove it: 285 km / h top speed, 0-100 km / h in 4.6 seconds (4.2 with the Sport Chrono Package), 350 horsepower and 420 Nm of torque.


Easy to drive, balanced and with extremely efficient brakes, it is a very pleasant car and can give great satisfaction on Assetto Corsa, thanks to the roar of the engine that starts to roar around 180 km / h.


The polygonal model is splendid both in interiors and exteriors. The second road related to the update of the Porsche Pack 2 and free for everyone is a car that, when it was announced, struggled to be accepted by the fans of the brand, but quickly turned into a commercial success.


We are talking about the Cayenne SUV, the first for Porsche, that plows the roads and dirt roads around the world since 2003. Created in collaboration with Volkswagen, the Cayenne reached the second series in 2010 after some restyling, and last year it is again passed from the “aesthetic surgeon” for the last retouching.


In  assetto corsa game  is present with the powerful Turbo S version of 570 horsepower, 800 Nm of torque, top speed of 284 km / h and an acceleration almost 911 Carrera, being able to detach the 0-100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds.


The beast, equipped with huge rims and elegant leather interior (splendid with the Palladium livery), weighs 2,235 kilograms and this is reflected on tightness, balance and brakes, which despite being very good can not be compared with those of a sports car race.


The polygonal model is excellent and the only defects are some shadows projected by the mirrors and the aliasing on the rear window, even in 4K.