Crysis creators ready to temporarily cancel their lawsuit against Star Citizen and Squadron 42 developers

Company Crytekknown for games in the series Crysis, intends to freeze its lawsuit against space developers Star citizen in the face of the studio Cloud imperium games until a single player campaign called Squadron 42.

Crytek believes that it is pointless to hold a hearing in June this year, since the main complaints are related to the release Squadron 42to which, apparently, is still very far away.

Initially, the creators of Crysis sued CIG for copyright infringement and the development of two games based on the engine Cryengine (Star Citizen and Squadron 42) with an existing license for only one project. CIG, in turn, publicly stated that the developers changed the engine to Lumberyard from Amazon.

But already this week it became known that Crytek without any warning withdrew its claim and asked to postpone the next hearing in the case to October 13, 2023. It is this date that the creators of the engine see as the earliest point when a single-player campaign of Squadron 42 in one form or another is possible. CIG has not yet announced the exact release date for the game, but last August the developers announced that the beta version of Squadron 42 was postponed for three months and is now scheduled for release in the third quarter of 2023.

Based on court documents, Crytek claims that CIG still plans to release Squadron 42 as a standalone game, but during the negotiations of the lawyers of the companies as part of the phase disclosures pre-trial proceedings expressed uncertainty in this option. According to Crytek, at the end of November 2019, CIG informed the German company that it had not yet decided in what form the Squadron 42 would be released.

The debate continues to subside about whether, in the case of Star Citizen and Squadron 42, CIG switched from CryEngine to Lumberyard. In their public statements, the developers said one thing (about switching to a new engine), and another thing in the framework of the trial.

Therefore, Crytek asked the court to grant a motion for the voluntary termination of the claim without prejudice or any conditions.

CIG must, by January 24, 2023, respond to Crytek’s motion to dismiss. Then Crytek should respond to the response of CIG until February 7, 2023.

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