A game with a dead survival and bugs

Fallout 76 bugs,is full of bugs. Flying opponents and their corpses, enemies stuck in textures, characters who fall through textures.

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Periodically disappearing objects … the list is very long and crowns his ability to fly out of the game at any time.

Fallout 76 bugs

Fallout 76 bugs

Fallout 76 bugs

Well, or so:

What else is broken in the game? Much:

  • Shooting is exactly the same as in the fourth part. To some, this will seem normal, but I still think that the mechanics of shooting were tolerable at best. Yes, Fallout 3 and New Vegas were even worse in this regard, but still. VATS, fully translated into realtime, also does not save the situation, but only aggravates.


  • The pumping system is thrash. It is unclear what the developers did not like in the one that was in the fourth part, but they transferred character development to Lutboks (in fact, they are). As a result, I have a sieve instead of a set of perks to level 13.


  • Pvp “You can fight anywhere, with anyone!” The developers happily told us. Then there was news about how it will balance, how it will work as a whole … In short, you cannot just run and kill everyone – if you do not respond to the blows, then the damage to you goes through the minimum. Yes, and no sense from this PvP – only parts for crafting are falling from corpses, and there are tons of them everywhere.
  • About the history and approach to the quests even talk somehow uncomfortable. Everywhere terminals, corpses and terse robots, and the plot itself must be given to the jury of the Golden Raspberry for consideration – I am sure it will take it with joy.

    Sad in general.

But it is interesting to explore the world. It is quite extensive and diverse – you can find a lot of things in it.

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From a dam with an infected lake and a collapsed plane converted into a village.

Artists, in general, have tried their best – there is practically nothing to complain about.

Only the “survival” element fails. Death takes almost nothing away from you.

Only trash for crafting and time to search for it.

And hunger and thirst are quenched by anything.

The cartridges do not weigh anything.

My character drags thousands of two different and he is generally ok.

And rare diseases and mutations do not cause serious problems to the hero.

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If you come to a new game for Fallout, then you have the wrong address.

But if you want to just wander with someone along the expanses of post-nuclear West Virginia.

Then there will be no problems.

Just do not expect anything supernatural from the game.