Best for business?

Well, according to the results of the first four months, about one million copies are missing, to balance the accounts with what was totaled by WWE 2K16; and it is possible to see in this perspective the sudden desire to bring the game back to the PC but to do it in a manner that is at least questionable, that is, without including the DLCs in the package, as happened instead for the and even asking for the separate purchase of the Season Pass or directly from the Digital Deluxe in order to enjoy these extras.


The presence of Goldberg, which  wwe 2k17 ps3  and   wwe 2k17 xbox 360 was a bonus reserved for preorders, is not enough of course to fill this gap from the point of view of the relationship between sales price and content, but it is above all the unwillingness of a conversion that is not it’s a problem ignoring the big news that has happened in WWE in recent months to leave puzzled.

Since it would have been enough some trick here and there to bring on the Windows platform an edition of the game at least updated in terms of rosters and brands.

The PC version of WWE 2K17 comes out of maximum time for a whole range of reasons

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As mentioned in the opening,  wwe 2k17 gameplay  pursues the simulative ambitions that have characterized the series in recent years, turning it into something substantially different than the simple but consistent button mashing of the earliest editions, much more strategy oriented and far from rhythms that tightened.


Best for business?

The key lies in the reversal, entrusted to the right trigger of the controller : when an opponent is about to hit, grab or make a move, the pressure of that key at the right time allows you to wriggle and react, taking the reins of the match.

Best for business?

Unfortunately, wwe 2k17 xbox one made two mistakes in this sense: the first was to make the timing too ruthless, because just press the button a moment before or a moment later to make the maneuver vain; the second was that of entrusting this function to a trigger, which systematically takes more time than a normal key to travel its run and thus transmit the input.

The result of such an approach does not simply materialize in the possibility of collecting a defeat, but in something worse: a monstrous static of the action, in which one remains powerless to observe the opponent who attacks us, subjects us to moves of submission and anything else, without even being able to get up. And if on the one hand the simulative character ensures the emergence of surprising situations.


Best for business?

A rule of simple common sense is broken when the enemy becomes the protagonist of a comeback immediately after collecting a finisher, that is when he should not have more energy to move.


To this we must add a very evident underlying machinosity and various situations that leave us puzzled: the moves made near the ropes that go to ramengo, the bad submission system based on the rotation of the analog (fortunately switchable in a sort of quick time with the main keys) and a real avalanche of more or less serious glitches to make the experience heavy and unpleasant.


The management of situations in which wwe 2k17 roster  we find ourselves dealing with more opponents at the same time has been improved, see the triple threat or the Royal Rumble itself, but it is a bit ‘of drops in the sea compared to a plant that appears more and more closed on itself and that would undoubtedly be reinvented.


Also from the technical point of view: the presence of some faithfully reproduced superstars stride with others less cured, while on the front of the female roster there was a clear improvement of the models but many elements are still ruthlessly old-gen, primarily hair.


In general, the graphics appear flat on  wwe 2k17 ps4, the effects are poor and badly used, but all this does not produce incredible performance on PC:the test configuration allowed us to play even real 4K, but contented with 30 frames per second or less in the case of three or more superstars in the ring.