Selected shooters

ust like the one assigned to him: sabotage separatist operations and neutralize their leaders who destabilize the Republic of Georgia, a region of fundamental strategic importance that is slipping into the chaos of a civil war. Jon, code-named Lodestar, actually has a second, more personal purpose: to save his brother Robert, who has been missing for two years and who seems to be a prisoner in an area controlled by separatists.


A “secondary” objective for the US but primary for the military, fought inwardly between its sense of duty and love for the joint. To try to end both operations at best, North can count on the support of Lydia Jorjadze, a mercenary who in the past fought alongside him in Afghanistan and with whom he had a relationship, and on a member of MOSSAD, the Israeli secret service. Around this incipt part and evolves, divided into four acts, the story of Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, a tactical shooter that emphasizes the role of the sniper, and that passes from a particular formula and contained to an open-world structure with multiple and wider commercial approaches, which is reminiscent of the latest Far Cry.

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, an open world with snipers with so many potentials not all expressed properly


As we have written on the occasion of some previews, the possibility to move freely, the use of vehicles, the huge map with various points of interest to visit or outposts to free enemies, the great valleys where to look, actually feeling of being in front of something very similar to the aforementioned


title Ubisoft, only with a more accurate ballistics and a certain emphasis placed on long-range assaults. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, as it should be, focuses on a different gameplay than a Call of Duty, even though here is not missing a few sessions more “dynamic” and a bit ‘linear.

Selected shooters
Selected shooters

From this point of view, in fact, the title proposes a series of quite different main and secondary missions with three different types of free approach to each of them (except for some where you have to follow a certain line dictated by the story), so you still have a good alternation


between the stages of pure sniping and moments in which for example we are also called to recover documents, to hack with the drone alarm systems and cameras, to infiltrate inside outposts to free prisoners or to investigate and get on the trail of some mysterious killer.Given the nature of the production,


but also because of the player’s convenience, as we will see later, the slower and more rational action of the chosen shooter is predominant, where strategy, tactics and patience play a role in 90% of cases. fundamental, along with ballistics.It is in fact one of the strengths of the game, and apart from some glitches occasionally,


generally works well: shoot in a hurry, perhaps using a heavy caliber 50 rifle sitting, or worse, standing, means for example miss the target . In short, do things properly, losing mobility, but gaining accuracy.


Therefore it becomes essential on the one hand to exploit the ample arsenal available to equip with the model of rifle and bullets more suited to the type of mission, without obviously forgetting to bring along also a short weapon, a dagger and other supporting objects such as explosives to be used to cover the escape or undermine possible vulnerable points from where any enemy could surprise North.


On the other hand, use wellthe craft system, which inside special shelters where you can even just rest, pass the time or select the missions, allows you to intervene on some fundamental components of the character’s arsenal. For example, with the necessary materials in your pocket you can repair objects, or configure an assault rifle


like a sniper rifle with a silencer, or a light machine gun. And yet, build different types of bullets: the standard ones, those suitable for piercing the armor of vehicles or those made to knock down the men, perhaps from the long distance.


There are also those DARPA that correct the trajectory of the shot in flight.In short, non-trivial choices that have an important impact in the continuation of the missions and the life or death of the gamer, especially in the advanced stages of history.