Tekken 7

First, for being one of the clearest references of the genre in the three dimensions, a subgenre almost deserted after the regicide of Soul Calibur in its fifth installment and the beach holidays of Dead or Alive . Second, for not receiving a numbered Tekken delivery


on domestic platforms since the distant year 2009 with Tekken 6 ; Although Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was an excellent videogame in all its sections, it seems that it did not materialize among the majority audience, which ended up being a pity. Third and last, to receive a fight title that has been improving uninterruptedly in recreational salons for more than two years; today we receive what is undoubtedly the best Tekken 7 released to date.


Katsuhiro Harada , creator of the franchise and one of the strong men of Bandai Namco, walked throughout the promotion of Tekken 7 that the


video game was going to put an end to the battle between Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima , something that I did not believe at first and I did not give much importance, but once I enjoyed the interesting software history mode, I can say that in the offices of the Tekken team there are brave people who deserve all our respect as lovers of 1 on 1.


Video Analysis


Eradicate the devil’s gene

The story is set shortly after the events of Tekken 6, with a missing Jin Kazama after the battle against Azazel and with Heihachi Mishima trying to reclaim the throne of the Mishima Zaibatsu to take down the G Corporation and his son, Kazuya Mishima.

 In Tekken 7 we will discover Kazumi, wife of Heihachi and mother of Kazuya, who will bring a new interesting point to the saga of the Mishima, but practically all the history in the feud between father and son with a special guest: the same Akuma of Street Fighter I’m going to avoid explaining anything that could annoy the experience, but its presence has ended up being a great addition to the mode, providing a pair of historical combats for both franchises.


Tekken 7 analysis

The protagonism of the story lies with the Mishima, but it will allow us to play with other Tekken characters as well.

Successes and errors of the story mode : focusing the action on a few characters has been a more than accurate decision, as it allows us to dig deeper into them and know a deeper story than if we put Lucky Chloe and company in the plot (in fact, the characters tha


t do not enter the story mode have their own section, with intro and outcome included); the error, or perhaps the biggest defect, is that it is not that we are facing a great story, with a too hasty end, something even run over. Actually it does not matter much, since in terms of game modes for a player goes with the necessary to please fans who enjoy breaking their heads with the machine in the solitude of their homes.


Tekken 7 PC

Shaheen, one of the new characters. The list of novelties amounts to 10, with additions such as Lucky Chloe or Gigas among the debutantes.

There are final moments of round that many times leave you breathless

The arcade mode is a tracing of the enjoyed in the Japanese recreational machine, and virtually all modes provide valuable points that can be redeemed for new items for your character or clips of any previous Tekken. Certainly, it was better Tekken 5 that

let you play the first three Tekken, but the possibility of enjoying some of the endings, images and music of all the releases released to date is an irresistible nostalgic exercise for any follower of the series. The configurable elements of the characters can also be purchased in the store; others are unlocked by playing alone. Maybe they are too humorous for my taste, but it is something that I like in Japan.


Will the followers of the games with the machine like the Survival or the Time Attack miss? Maybe, but in the important thing, Tekken 7 shines. If yours is not the online, you enjoy a handful of levels in which to compete against the machine, as w


ell as many possibilities to enjoy games against the AI. The story mode, without going any further, has an incredible challenge once you finish it that you can not ignore. A pity that Bandai Namco did not want to promote achievements and trophies with difficult tests, but it is a trifle compared to everything that awaits your commands, which is where the Harada team had to give everything and has done.


Tekken 7

Redefining the myth

The news between deliveries of Tekken, in general, are not the most pronounced of the genre, it is true, but I think that Tekken 7 has contributed enough elements to the series to define the future of the franchise, and not only as a fighting game, but as eSport , one of the main objectives of Bandai Namco itself with the present launch. It is not the first time that we explain the new mechanics in 3DJuegos, but after many hours at the controls of the arcade stick, I can finally say that yes, they have been worth the additions and that, bypassing the Tag systemitself , it is One of the biggest changes that have been made in the series.


Tekken 7 PC

Tekken 7

Personalization offers enough variety to completely change a character in a few steps. This is our Kazumi

The first is the Rage Art , a movement that we can execute when we are in Rage mode that will remove much of the life of the character that impacts the blow; the Power Crush are attacks that the characters running and absorb the damage rival until just hitting the target; The Rage Drive , finally, change the properties of a specific attack, facilitating its combo and increasing its damage during the Rage mode. Of course, the Rage Art and the Rage Drive are perfectly combinable with other movements of the fighters, which ends up stopping in final moments of round in which the tension will leave you many times without breathing.


I’m happy with the additions and the title itself: as I explained to you, it has been in the arcade market for more than two years, so everything explained is more than tested and tested by the main Japanese, Korean and American players, so no There is reason to think that they are not consensual decisions, worked and studied to the millimeter by the development team. The juggles , juggling that you play as a combo with the opponent without touching the ground, is still the playable base of Tekken, and if you want to master it you will have to understand how to execute them in the most appropriate way by spending hours in training mode and watching combats on YouTube.