Escape from Tarkov

Here, in fact, we want to focus on our experience of participating in some raids that, quite directly, showed us the docile character of the title. In any case, we recall that we are talking about a first-person shooter with role-playing features, embedded in an online MMO system with narrative elements. Take the necessary steps, let’s start by clarifying what the title, still in its alph


a phase, can offer at the moment. As soon as the executable started, after entering our login information, we had to slip the various menus. After we get through the meanders of graphic options (more than enough for number, for a result that still does not satisfy, as we will see later), we started to act. Currently the title allows playing only in the PMC mode, in which we played our virtu


al avatar engaged in a series of raids. The SCAV mode, dedicated to gathering loots to trade or use, is still blocked, so it is advisable not to deepen the topic (though already mentioned in our previous preview).The game now supports offline mode, with or without PvE, or the queen option, that is, the online collision against other players.After making o


ur choice, we had to select the map: as we started our trials, the areas were three, moderately large, capable of holding four to nine players. Once you have completed the preliminary operations, we have been catapulted on the battlefield, armed only with a


spade. Why all this? For a choice of menu designs, we missed you at first, and you would be well cared for if you wanted to try the game. Inventory management, with the consequent choice of equipment, is delegated to an entry included in the main menu, not in a subsequent screen or close to map selection. I have a spade. You got a rifle. Who win? Che Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov

it is a title that is far from finished and can be understood not only by the graphic uncertainties we will talk about shortly but also by other details. In our first raid, for example, we were able to kick off a gun-mounted gunman just by knocking him in a pounding


crackdown, and with the camera clustering in creative angles. In any case, the death of the poor player once armed with a shotgun gives us the chance to talk about the consequences that his own party has in the game. Let’s go: If you die, in Escape from Tarkov, not only does the game end, but it also loses all the loot won so far. The spe


ech is valid even if you exit early, before the end of a match.From here we can begin to say that the title is in the mind of offering an extremely serious experience. Assault on the white weapon, except for the exception described above, does not pay practically ever, and only careful planning of your steps can lead to victory. In a game where everyone


is against all, and where the goal is to eliminate every player, but also and above all to take away everything he possesses, one understands how to have one life available to change radically the approach. Even if you did not get killed in the first shot, however, you have to hope to have found or already have medics, since neglecting your injuries could lead to death after some time. Developers, on the other hand,Escape from Tarkov dies, and it is also done several times. Being a


ble to survive the other players, however, will give up an interesting bag of raked items at the end, and above all experience. This parameter will allow you to access exclusive skills, climbing the hierarchy of levels, unfortunately not yet unlocked in the alpha version, but really numerous by typology and number.