Coming simultaneously with PS5 and Xbox Series X: Observer: System Redux Demo Revealed

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Portal IGN published a new gameplay video of the cyberpunk thriller Observer: System Redux from studio developers Bloober team In the new demo, the authors show footage from three new quests that have been specifically added to the next generation console version of the game.

In one of the tasks, the user will receive a cryptic message with the text “Help us”. Investigating him, the players learn that human trafficking is involved in the case. As part of the second quest, we will see strange altars dedicated to the beloved of an unknown person, whom he is now pursuing. When investigating the last task, players will have to deal with the trafficking of prohibited substances.

In the remake of the original game, the creators promise to offer gamers “a truly immersive environment”, Volumetric and global illumination, ray tracing, HDR, realistic materials, redesigned characters, new animations and models, and much more.

The game will be one of the launch projects for the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. It will be released on November 10 at PC and Xbox Series X / S, and on November 12 will look at PlayStation 5.

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