Disney Infinity

Disney . That word, pronounced today, means a gigantic multinational with branches in different sectors of markets that include the cinema -with its children’s division and the adult one-, literature, music, toys, clothes lines and a lifestyle complete in which almost everything we use at


home can have Mickey, Pluto or Phineasstuck to it. But Disney is also videogames, a sector in which she decided to get involved to address herself and not simply to give up licenses, her name or to lend a hand in development. But it resists him, and considerably. Even when he tries to get away from his usual image, that of creator of adaptations of his characters / films of childish aesthetics and nimble difficulty, he has not achieved the expected with


IPs as interesting as Epic Mickey. With the closing of studies and agreements as millionaires as Marvel or Star Wars-asking in the latter case to EA to be responsible for the titles based on the universe of George Lucas-, and based on rumors not from anonymous sources, but from publishers as prestigious as the Wall Street Journal, Uncle Walt’s company rushes in Disney Infinity its most ambitious project and also one whose success or failure seems to decide much of the future of Disney Interactive in the world of leisure consolero.

His bet is called Disney Infinity, a formula of real toys in the form of figures that are connected by a base to the console and we pass characters, games, phases, enhancers,


etc to the game itself. Tested and very successful by Activision and its hit Skylanders, Infinity takes advantage of the huge gallery of films and characters that the dream factory possesses and that has the faculty that several generations-grandparents, parents, children-remember one or the other, currently mixing mostly


Pixar properties with those of real image hits like Pirates of the Caribbean or recent releases such as El Llanero Solitario – a loud box-office hit, although its presence suggests other licenses that will appear if the formula is successful as Maybe Tron Legacy. Your trick? Plug, connect and play,


The first thing is to open the Starter Pack and realize that the figures are much larger than those of the Skylanders , and also heavy and quality, of those that we would put on shelves shelves and not relegate to the box . They correspond to Mister Incredible , from the film Pixar Los Incredibles , the young Sully of the premiere of this summer Monsters University –


as commercial as using the Lone Ranger, but better since Sully is an icon -, and we have another one of the Disney characters that It has been a decade and just four films, but that is still on everyone’s lips, Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean. In the case of the Pixar figures, they keep the same design as their


counterparts, but with Jack’s it has been decided to stylize it in animation format, in a successful result – although Davy Jones’s has been great.


We have apart from the game itself the basis on which we will plug everything, and the Play Set, itself the complement with the levels of each character – a cube with the logos of the three films in this case, although for example in the set of cars the Play Set has the shape of the Piston Cup. A card with a code for the web of


the game and the complement in the form of Power Disc is the last thing we got, the latter being different in each Starter Pack. In this case we have a hexagonal disk of Alice in Wonderlandthat at the moment we do not know what he does – in others, for example, the horse of the Princess Mérida in Brave is a boost for the speed of the character.

The beginning of the game is already an absolute declaration of intentions on the part of the studio, in the form of a kind of Disney version of the prologue of one of the best indies of PlayStation 3 through the sieve of Epic Mickey , in which we see how a World arises in front of us as we move forward – the influence of Warren Spector’s game on this point is undeniable.


Magic in its purest form, like the one that only Disney is (for some it was rather) able to achieve just by seeing Mickey, listen to his iconic Spanish voice, and raise the camera to see fireworks while the music cracks. Expert in the IPs to show, people like Jack Skellington-the first of all, another sign of the immense weight that the work of art of


Tim Burton continues to have 20 years later-, Princess Rapunzel de Enredados or the most recent Rompe Ralph greet us -with their original Spanish dubbing voices where it is possible Santiago Segura, for example, does not repeat like Sully, but he does the


doublet of Johnny Depp . Although this beginning is a simple walk for being an initial tutorial, the visual and sound display are enough to completely dazzle the children, and the constant change of mechanics and universes to catch us by the nostalgic theme to the older ones.

Davy Jones, equally evil in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set
Davy Jones, equally evil in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set