The return of the titans

For PC gamers, the anti-Diablo research has for years been comparable to the search for the Holy Grail for the Christians of the Middle Ages. In recent times the situation has been a bit ‘relaxed, also seen the dismantling of the specialized videogame culture in favor of the mass, but for a long time being the anti-Blizzard has been a boast, almost as a proposal to do better than American developer would automatically sell extra copies.

The return of the titans

The time between the launch of Diablo II and Diablo III has greatly exacerbated the desire of some to find valid alternatives and the market has not been found unprepared. The story of Titan Quest fits perfectly in this highly competitive atmosphere.


Developed by Iron Lore, a software house founded by Brian Sullivan, formerly Ensemble Studios (Age of Empires, Age of Mythology), it was originally released in 2006 and achieved little success, despite the release of an expansion, Immortal Throne, the year following.


In reality, success has slowly arrived, but too slowly to prevent the failure of Iron Lore in 2008. However, with the time titan quest ragnarok has become such a reference point and some former Iron Lore have founded a new company, Crate Entertainment, realizing Grim Dawn which, released in February this year after a period spent in Early Access, has had a great success and is considered by many to be superior to the discussed Diablo III.


But let’s get back to Titan Quest. In a surprise move a few days ago THQ Nordic, which holds the rights to the brand, has published the so-called Anniversary Edition.


This is a new version of the game designed to celebrate the ten years, which was given to those who already owned the original on Steam and that for a period was sold with a discount on the base price of 75%.

We tried titan quest immortal throne, find out how it is by reading our review


What’s the point of doing such an operation on such an old title? Much, since he still managed to sell a few thousand more copies and made historical buyers happy.


Of course, if he wanted to THQ Nordic could have flaunted it as a remastered edition and sell it at full price even to those who owned the original, but chose to go a different way, avoiding the accusation of wanting to exploit the fans. Yet there are many new features.

The return of the titans

But let’s go in order and describe it briefly for those who do not know it.Titan quest pc is a third-person action role-playing game with a mythological setting.


The player takes on the role of a hero, or heroine, with the mission of saving the world from gorgons, minotaurs, harpies and other unfriendly creatures, finished in the pay of the titanquest. All this translates into the classic get quest in the city to then start the adventure in the large maps that make up the game world.


As a genre, you fight most of the time collecting objects left behind by corpses to strengthen themselves. Each enemy killed and every quest passed yielded experience points, which accumulated in the right amount to level up and allow you to face the most difficult challenges with serenity.

Titan quest youtube gampelay

 Titan quest builds

The Harbinger
In this video I talk about my Harbinger build. Harbinger is a combination of Warfare and Dream masteries and is a highly melee oriented class, good at dual wielding and killing extremely fast.

The Templar
In this video I talk about my Templar build. Templar is a combination of Defence and Dream masteries and is a class great at tanking, survival, and is rather good at killing too.

The Spellbreaker
In this video I talk about my Spellbreaker build. Spellbreaker is a class made of Warfare and Spirit, and is a pretty offensive class, great for taking out packs of monsters, bosses and generally…

The Battlemage
My next build video is about a Battlemage class, which is one of the true hybrids. True hybrids consist of 1 fight mastery (war, def, hun or rog) and 1 magic mastery (storm or earth), and hence you…

The Conqueror
Well I have finally done this video. This is a build video on the Conqueror class (Warfare + Defence). Conqueror is a pretty diverse class when it comes to what skills you wish to use, so even those…

The Elementalist
This is a remake of the Elementalist build video in Titan Quest. The one I did previously which was ages ago was geared towards a melee Elementalist, but this time I’ve discussed how Elementalist…

The Assassin
As requested, this next builds video is of an Assassin class. Assassin is Warfare and Rogue. Here I explain not only the skill setup but also a weapon choice. Edited in Windows Movie Maker

The Thane
Melee and Mage build, Warfare and Storm

Titan Quest Builds Part 8: Thane
As requested, here’s the build guide on the Thane class (Warfare + Storm). In here as usual I cover the skillset and the attribute point allocation, as well as a few video clips and pictures.

The Warden
Spear Melee build, Defence and Hunting

In this video I discuss the Warden class in Titan Quest. Warden consists of Hunting and Defence masteries. Very durable and powerful class, has a lot of active skills, but runs out of energy fast.

The Haruspex
This video is about building a Haruspex character. I’ve mentioned the skill points chosen for both spear and bow Haruspexes.

The Brigand
This video is about a Brigand character, which consists of Hunting and Rogue masteries. Just as with Haruspex, I’ve tackled both spear and bow brigands.

In short, the basic formula is the classic Diablo simil, from which Titan Quest does nothing to depart. The Anniversary Edition also includes the aforementioned Immortal Throne expansion, which adds several hours of play.


Let’s say that to end it you will have to spend at least seventy hours on it, which become many more by replaying it on a higher difficulty level to discover all the aspects and find the best objects. As we will see the Anniversary Edition also adds some new features, making the title replayable even by those who have already finished and thought to have it permanently archived.

Titan quest 2

Everyone remembers this wonderful game as the Titan Quest?
Recently Iron Lore explained to all the fans why was closed 2 Titan Quest

Iron Lore: “Titan Quest 2 has been canceled due to Kingdoms of Amalur.”

According to one of the former employees of the studio Iron Lore, the sequel was planned Titan Quest, and immediately after the completion of the original design, but on the horizon there was a studio Big Huge Games.

“Iron Lore has changed the vision of the Titan Quest , and a sequel would be very revealing. He should have been released on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, become darker and change the camera angle to view from the third person. It was like something like Oblivion meets Gears of War. ”

“But then on the radar was another studio -. Big Huge Games, which eventually bought the publisher THQ After another publisher searches for Titan Quest 2, the studio ran out of money, and THQ announced financial problems.”

Then we ourselves know – studio Iron Lore was closed, and Big Huge Games resold EA. Most recently released a first draft Huge Games is Big – Kingdoms of Amalur , the sale of the project exceeded expectations publisher EA. The sequel of the project is already in development.

Titan quest classe

* * War
Breaker spells
The Oracle
Bone wizard
(Bone Charmer)
Wind Summoner
Bishop Elements

Everyone knows that any character, regardless of class, automatically incremented one of its characteristics. However, it grows in all different ways, and their way is often difficult. To understand what was going on, both young and seasoned war, will help here, this table:

growth forces
skill level Defense Warfare Rogue Hunting
1 +1 +2 +2 +2
8 12 16 14 14
16 24 32 28 28
24 36 48 42 40
32 48 64 56 56
growth of Agility
skill level Defense Warfare Rogue Hunting
1 +2 +2 +2 +2
8 16 16 20 20
16 32 32 40 40
24 48 48 60 60
32 64 64 75 80
healthy growth
skill level Defense Warfare Rogue Hunting
1 35 28 24 24
8 +280 +224 +196 +196
16 +560 448 +392 +392
24 +840 672 588 588
32 1120 896 784 784

But this plate will bring no less favor to someone who is not by hearsay familiar with the magic:


intellectual growth
skill level Earth Storm Spirit Nature
1 +3 +3 +3 +2
8 24 24 24 20
16 48 48 48 40
24 72 72 72 60
32 90 96 96 80
growth of Agility
skill level Earth Storm Spirit Nature
1 +1 +1 +1 +1
8 +8 +8 12 12
16 16 16 24 +24
24 24 24 36 36
32 32 32 48 48
healthy growth
skill level Earth Storm Spirit Nature
1 18 21 18 21
8 +140 +168 +140 +168
16 +280 336 +280 336
24 +420 +504 +420 +504
32 +560 672 +560 672
energy growth
skill level Earth Storm Spirit Nature
1 +5 10 +5 10
8 40 80 40 80
16 80 +160 80 +160
24 +120 +240 +120 +240
32 +160 +320 +160 +320


List of titan quest mods

A mysterious Quest prequel3

This card is a real quest, the plot of which is centered on the sudden and mysterious disappearance of your friend Patroclus you are in search of arriving in the port city of Tiryns


Another German fashion with a new skill! Language German fashion, to translate it until they are …
Modification is not for beginners complexity comparable to Chuck Norris and Crash modes.

Tre3-Mod v.0.6.02 + LT v.0.5.1 (Lost Treasures Mod)10

The mod adds six new schools:
1) Elementalist
2) Epidemic
3) Death
4) Warrior
5) Hunting
6) Nature


Skin rider on a tiger.


The original values.

Olympus working portal23

This modification adds a working portal on the location of Mount Olympus and removes resurrection fountain.

Relic Pack Expansion Mod4

The mod adds to the game 15 new relics.

Installation: … \ My Documents \ My Games \ Titan Quest – Immortal Throne \ Working \ CustomMaps \

Skins Typhon (living and undead)11

Complete the amazing game for the main antagonist – the titan Typhon.

In this version, two fashion – one adds the skin of a living titanium, another is already defeated and become immortal (Sk label).
Each has its own abilities.

Diablo 2 Immortal ~ Enhanced Edition 2.330

Five years in the making, two years of improvements since the last release. Diablo 2 Immortal returns in a new version …

MysticalMod v.1.148

This mod replaces the 9 standard for new skills. Fashion itself is not bad, I think it will appeal to those who are tired of the old skills.