Batman – The Telltale Series

Batman of Telltale Games proposes to create OUR Batman

This is going to be the root of the whole title and what Telltale Games shows us from minute one of the game. It is interesting and really a success in our opinion to be able to decide how our Batman (or even our Bruce Wayne) behaves in certain situations adopting a somewhat harder or more peaceful posture according to our actions and then see how the citizens of




Gotham respond to our involvement against a corrupt city and where crime is the order of the day. The problem with this is that sometimes some of these



decisions that we made with Batman or with Bruce really do not explain their consequence as is the case of some of these elections in Episode 4, of which we do not want to give much detail since We would enter Spoiler’s territory.

This leaves a sense of insecurity for not really knowing if it has been an oversight of the company or because perhaps we will see that consequence


in a possible second season, however that may be, these details should be taken care of since it is not Telltale’s first adventure.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 5: City of Light (360) Screenshot

Something quite interesting that has been implemented simulating the detective mode of other Batman games are some puzzles in which we must “link” evidence to discover the events in a crime scene, a very characteristic element of the night detective.

The problem with these puzzles is that they repeat a lot in the adventure and they are not too complicated so there is not much variety in that aspect and we are not facing a graphic adventure of the old days.


The gameplay is not far from any Telltale game, point and click scenarios and decision making in each of the dialogues. The only thing that can vary a bit are the fighting in which a new concept has been added that is the “Ultimate Attack”


basically that if we do not miss any Quick Time Event we can make a more devastating “extra” attack, the batman battles give a breath of


fresh air in Telltale games and it shows that they have bet more on the action in this title, something that feels great.

The personages is perhaps the ace in the sleeve with which Batman of Telltale Games plays, many of them totally recognizable of the world of


DC and the dark gentleman as they are Gordon, Catwoman, Lucius, the penguin and even Two faces. The way in which we interact with them


and then they evolve draws us a lot of attention and is perhaps one of the reasons why the game hooks us from the beginning.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 2: Children of Arkham (360) Screenshot

The successes and technical failures of Batman Telltale

It is to understand that when we talk about Telltale Games we do not talk about an immense study and a triple A game developer, much less.


So, some deficiencies and some decisions we can understand due to the best to some lack of budget or any other


reason, however there are certain things that can not be tolerated at this point. Although it is true that it is a detail that the developer incorporates


subtitles in Spanish (or Latin Spanish at least) but as they say in these cases: “If you are going to do things, we will try to do them well”

The game has a lot of mistakes in translation and visualization of the text in our language, disappearing the translation in certain sections or even the disappearance of the own subtitles in some scenes of the game that are even important for the plot.


These errors after almost 8 games of the same mechanics following even the same code and structure should not be present anymore. This all he does is show us a title done in a hurry and we would almost dare to say without

desire (at least in this section, of course). In addition to all this we add some frame rate errors too present in certain areas of the game that should


not occur and crasheos problemsand sudden game closures more common than we would like. It is a pity that these errors after several years continue to


occur, definitely from Telltale should begin to improve the code of their titles so that in future deliveries these errors are not shown to us anymore.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham (360) Screenshot