Dishonored: Death of the Outsider

A separate project, which grew out of the plot DLC, proposes to move in time immediately after the completion of the campaign story Dishonored 2 . Dark-skinned killer Billy Lerke returned to Karnak to pull out of his mentor’s cells, the legendary assassin Daud, promising to fulfill his last wish. Now she must do the impossible: to kill a god of the abyss – Alien.

Consisting of five missions, the story manages brilliantly to the legacy of Dishonored and Dishonored 2 , but brings a lot of old and new storylines to the highly controversial ending.

Dishonored: Death of the Outsider even tighter inspired by a series of Thief , actively using mixed techniques to perform back-breaking task at first glance. As in the past, except for a sharp blade and sharp eyes, at your disposal are several gifts Alien, including jump-teleportation, the ability to take the shape of other people and in non-corporeal form to inspect the neighborhood.

The ability to charge energy to the blade casting stroke can help in a fierce battle, and conversations with rats opens alternative solution to the complex problem.

All skills consume mana, but the blue energy restored so quickly that you do not have to mess around with test tubes. The authors do not insist on stealth passage, screwing limit on the number of bodies only to the side contracts that are not mandatory for the completion of the story. But even concentrate on the main task, you will have true freedom of choice. You can pass most of the mission of brute force, effectively moving from enemy to enemy, doing your own personal dance of death. Grenades, darts, hook mines complete with blade will help you to arrange a massacre with minimal impact on health.

But true connoisseurs of covert operations will apply thinner, stealing other people’s appearance, using chloroform or adjusting the ingenious traps. The mission of the bank is not only a model for modern stealth games, but also, perhaps, the best job in the entire history of the series.

You can fill in the ventilation soporific mixture, and clean out the vault, on tiptoe, avoiding sleeping peacefully guards or use the spare key and enter through the sewers. Finally, nobody stops you steal someone else’s face or break the elevator support, literally cracking precious safe. Variability and available for use by the tools deliver incredible pleasure.

Side jobs, or how they are referred to as “contracts”, also suggest various solutions, but to get them will have to come back to the traffickers. The latter also come true unique artifacts and improvements that will strengthen your basic skills, for example, to strengthen the armor, or allow the use of teleport a single click instead of two.

It is noteworthy that the artifacts are unique for each mission, so if you do not have time to buy an amulet task previously, then you already will never meet.

The game is not limited to the core mission and contracts. The authors support the desire of the player to explore and interact with rats, suggesting, for example, an unexpected story of a mad scientist. I during its passage lulled her poppy mixture and as a punishment for her crime dropped into the slot to the corpse wasps. It would seem a trifle, but it is also an element of moral choice. Especially persistent researchers awarded hidden treasures and notes, slightly wider reveals the history of the world.

With all excited about the first job and even more gloomy atmosphere of desolation and decay, Dishonored: Death Outsider of the little crosses all their achievements to the final mission. It seems that the authors wrote in a hurry absurd ending, throwing the line and incredibly boring stage of the crowd of enemies and monsters neubivaemy. Running from demons, finding notes for the second ending, and in fact repeat the concept Prey or, even worse, the Mass Effect 3 , where different choices were almost the final one, is only a strong feeling of frustration. If Arkane wanted to say goodbye to the popular series, it could do so much more elegant.

Graphically Dishonored: Death of the Outsider has hardly changed in the second part, except for a few new effects and significantly improved optimization. Interlevel boot long, but not enough to be bored. The game makes extensive use of the altered location of the original project, filling them with new ideas. Perhaps this is the final level of the problem, which was created from scratch.