Top 10 best animes to watch while waiting for the series “Blade Cutting Demons – Season 2”

Anime “Demon Blade“is a popular series that captured the attention of millions of viewers with beautiful visual performance, a vibrant atmosphere and a bewitching story. In the center of the story is a young Tanjirowho embarks on an adventure to destroy demons and avenge his loved ones.

Unfortunately, now anime has only one finished season, and a sequel is in production. Those viewers who are in no hurry to run to get acquainted with the original manga can now only wait patiently until Tanjiro returns to the screens. And to brighten up a tedious expectation, portal MANGA.TOKYO put together a list of 10 different titles that one way or another can give you feelings similar to those that arose from viewing “Blade

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It is unlikely that this anime needs a special introduction. Over the years of its existence, “Alchemist” has rallied a crazy number of fans, but even today, many are just starting to get acquainted with this legendary work. The plot tells about the ideas of the true value of family ties and about military power, which is demonstrated against the backdrop of truly touching events. If the names of the brothers Edward and Alfons Elrikov are an empty phrase for you, then now is the best time to correct this misunderstanding.

Tales of Zestiria: The Cross / Tales of Zestiria the X

Anime based on the Bandai Namco game of the same name. Events originate in a magical world where people live together with a race of magical Seraphim. The main character Soray, literally embraced by the history of the Seraphim, together with his comrade meet a mysterious girl who seeks to save the world from impending darkness. This becomes the starting point of an unusual adventure full of various and unusual situations. If “The Blade Cutting Demons” attracted you with its picture and battle scenes, then “Zestiria” will not disappoint, since both series were created by the forces of Ufotable studio. True, unlike the adventures of Tanjiro, there is much less outright violence.


Sengoku period. Young wars Hyakkimaru travels the world in order to find and destroy the vile demons in the hope of returning what they took from him. Hyakkimaru’s past is full of real pain, but this does not lead the damned hero and his companion out of the way they have chosen. In this case, the parallels with the “Blade” are so obvious that if you are a fan of this anime, then, most likely, Dororo has long become familiar.

The Last Seraph / Seraph of the End

Anime about the post-apocalyptic world where bloodthirsty vampires rule everything. The remaining people live underground and act as blood sources for their warders. In an effort to avoid such a miserable existence, the main character Yuchiro, along with friends, plans to escape into the wild. The plan fails, and its result is a bloody massacre, and only Yui himself remains alive. Since then, the hero has set a new goal – the killing of vampires.

Dance of Swords / Katsugeki: Touken Ranbu

Another anime from Ufotable studio. Beautiful drawing, dynamic battles and freakish monsters. If the story of samurai, seeking to save their world from people who want to literally rewrite reality itself, seems interesting to you – be sure to look.

Blue Exorcist

Again the plot about the hunt for monsters. The Okumur brothers become exorcists and devote their lives to war with demons in an attempt to maintain their peace in balance and harmony, driven by a desire to avenge offenders from another reality.

Close relatives, seeking revenge on the offenders, in a bright and memorable shell – this is just what the fans of Tanziro and Nezuko can like.

Iron Peacemaker / Peacemaker Kurogane

This title tells of a historical period that precedes the Meiji Restoration. After the Tatsunosuke brothers lose their parents, they decide to join the Shinsengumi police squads. And while one is trying to lead a measured and restrained lifestyle, the second brother seeks to become stronger in order to one day take revenge on the offenders. An interesting setting and curious dynamics between the two brothers should arouse curiosity among admirers of the “Blade that cuts the demons”.

Tokyo Ghoul

Another title that does not need advertising. Thematic and plot “Ghoul” has little to do with the “Blade”, but if you want to look at terrible monsters, epic battles and a gloomy world – the story of Ken Kaneki is far from the worst option.


In the universe of this anime, people have to fight for survival with the so-called ёma – monsters devouring human flesh. The central protagonist is the girl Claire, a member of Claymore, an organization dedicated to hunting and killing Yom. At some point, fate brings Claire with the boy Lucky, and the hero together continues his wanderings, full of bloody battles and battles. Despite the difference in setting, Claymore has a lot of points of contact with the “Blade” and tells, without a doubt, a very vivid story.

Soul Eater

A light tone of the narrative, good humor and exciting battles inherent in a real Shönen are exactly what Soul Eater offers. This anime doesn’t look like a “Blade” as much as possible, but if the battles in which Tanjiro participated made your blood boil from adrenaline, then it’s worth watching this anime.

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