Denis Villeneuve was called the director of the decade, and Kristen Stewart – the actress of the decade

The Hollywood Critics Association has announced regular winners of its traditional annual award.

The Actress of the Decade, “Actress of the Decade” Award, will receive Kristen Stewart. She became famous thanks to the role of Bella Swan in the films “Dusk“. And for the supporting role in the drama “Sils Maria“Stuart won the French Prize”Cesar“. Recently released the film “Charlie’s Angels“With her participation.

Hollywood critics considered Denis Villeneuve to be the best director of the decade. On his account – films “Enemy“,”Captives“,”Killer“,”Arrival“And”Blade Runner 2049“. The director is currently working on a new adaptation of the saga “Dune“.

Honorary prizes Villeneuve and Stuart will be awarded on January 9, during the award ceremony. Personal prizes have prepared also for actress and director Olivia Wilde (“Education“), Comedian Paul Walter Hauser (“The Case of Richard Jewell“), An actor with Down Syndrome Zach Gotsagen (“Peanut falcon“), Directed by Anish Chaganti (“Search“) And actress Taylor Russell (“Lost in space“).
Concerning other nominationsthen Quentin Tarantino’s film “Leader in them” becameOnce upon a time … in Hollywood“, He got on the list eleven times. In nine categories was “Irishman“Martin Scorsese, and the films”Joker“,”Parting“,”1917“And” Education “got seven references.

The Hollywood Critics Association was created in 2016 and its main goal is the promotion of diversity. In particular, she was the first to divide the nomination for “Best Director” by gender.