The Evil Within 2

The horrors of the mind

The Evil Within 2 story is clearer than the one in the first chapter, less confusing and with no relevant details left to chance.Sebastian is a deeper, well-written character, a victim of a macho that has destroyed his family, serenity, life.
In this sense, the size of the family drama comes straight away and finds its worthy conclusion at the end of the adventure, ranging from thirteen to sixteen hours. Narrative density is ensured by a wider story that involves Mobius, Sebastian’s family and corporation employees trapped within STEM, with insights into the activities and purposes of unhealthy minds that control the inside from the projections unconscious of the subjugated minds.
Narrative rhythms are well-managed and they manage to maintain interest until the end, with rare cases where the game is diluted and unconvincing.
Torture moments are represented by outdoor sections, which are ultimately the least successful ones. In the fictional Union town where The Evil Within 2 is set, there are in fact missions and different fetch quests that break the rhythm of the game and the sense of tension, which is rather low because of the title nature approaching wide sections to the structure of great action / survival horror classics on Resident Evil 4 .
Pushed along the haunted streets of the Union, it feels that the development team wanted to experiment a bit and offer alternatives to the game formula seen in the first chapter, but gaining altered results. Intercepting frequencies and going to the points planned for collecting stocks, or meeting some of the Mobius members trapped in the STEM, is not very enjoyable from the point of view of entertainment, but very useful for collecting arms upgrades and character.
Outbreaks outside the sky are really few and occupy a fifth of the game, while the rest of the adventure The Evil Within 2 reveals itself to be very solid, inspired and improved with respect to the parent.
The work of Tango Gameworks gives the best of itself in the interiors, with magnificent scenes of macabre art, sudden changes of scenarios, dimensional jumps and a quality of the ever-presently proposed situations.
In addition, the annoying phases of barrage have almost disappeared, there are several gameplay finishes and the game has been made more accessible to the general public.
 Those who want to try the same difficulty as the first chapter will have to select the highest one from now on. Once the adventure is over, in addition to the new game plus, classic mode is unlocked for horror survival purists: no automatic rescue, no enhancement or special skill, and only a handful of chances of saving their own progress .
The Evil Within 2, review of the horror survival produced by Shinji Mikami

How to deal with evil

The Evil Within 2 gameplay elements are all very similar to those seen in the predecessor, demonstrating a good solidity that you did not want to give up. Sebastian’s moves are still awkward and awkward, a little too clumsy, but it is understood how much a developer’s wish is all the more, convinced of wanting to propose a character who even when he runs away from the threats has little resistance and great difficulty getting out .
 The survival imprint is augmented by the stealth phases, often indicated for the best, and the number of ammunition available, which are never enough and must be used with great spasticity.
Game management and character development are almost perfectly calculated. Just think how the skill and weapon system is structured with great care so that there are no imbalances of any kind. By collecting the stocks and getting to a workbench, it is possible to fabricate ammunition and objects as well as to enhance the weapons and their basic characteristics.
Within the save room accessible by looking at the mirrors, which is a transfigured version of Sebastian’s old detective office, there is a wheelchair from which you can use the green gel picked by enemies to gain new skills to the protagonist.
These are subdivided into macro categories such as health, stealth and combat skills, which can determine the gaming style of ‘
With the exception of some basic enemies, with features partially borrowed from the previous game, some opponents appear to be able to mix the cards on the table and force the player to adopt a slightly more strategic approach than usual, especially if you choose the more demanding mode.
Boss Fights, though not many, are almost all well thought out and enthralling, with the final one being a brilliant example of the best that The Evil Within 2 is able to offer.