Dark Souls 2: Crown of the Ivory King

Dark Souls 2 has been expanded during the last three months with new content in DLC format. From Software already tried its luck with the Abyss of Artorias for the first Dark Souls, and after the good result that that expansion gave, they decided to follow a similar path with the trilogy of the crowns. Three DLC that invite us to visit three new areas, each with their final and secret bosses, to get the lost crown.

When we have all three, we can discover new details of the game that we will not reveal. After The Crown of Sunken King and The Crown of Old King, now comes the toughest and most demanding DLC ​​of all. Dark Souls concentrated in a space of 5 hours not suitable for novices.

The scenario of this third DLCIt changes completely and invites us to walk through a totally frozen world. This means many things in terms of playability which we will take note of as we progress.

Our goal, to get the third and last crown once we have finished with the three final heads around this huge castle full of ice and snow. Exploration plays a very important part in this DLC. In the two previous ones it was already warned that it was not a question of advancing in a straight line,

but that the users had to solve some puzzles in order to find the right path. Here we have a huge stage to explore and full of places to reach. It seems incredible that by a narrow corridor almost hidden in the middle of a kind of hill we can advance until we enter the castle, to mention an example.

Dark Souls II - Crown of the Ivory King (360) screenshot

Dark Souls II - Crown of the Ivory King (360) screenshotDark Souls II - Crown of the Ivory King (360) screenshot

To access this new content it is necessary to travel to the shaded fork of the Shadow Forests, follow a more than familiar path for us if we have already finished the game and access from the winter sanctuary to the new area. Naturally, we need to have the frozen flower that they give us when we acquire the downloadable content. In this way, the trilogy of the crowns becomes more accessible – we talk about reaching the points, not overcoming them – and away


from all the mini adventure we had to do, for example, to access the Abyss of Artoriasin the first Dark Souls. It is surely one of the drawbacks that can be attributed to the trilogy, that immediate access does not force us to perform some tasks that make us revisit the original map of the game in a different way.

Once arrived at the new area, it is difficult not to be left speechless with what awaits us ahead. We find a huge castle in the middle of the snow and a vast stage dominated by snowy mountains and a sun that is half setting. The contrast with other scenes is really impressive and at certain moments it will impress us as much as when we first discovered the castle of the


Watchtower of the old dragon or like when we first met Drangleic Castle. The good starts at this moment, with a large number of enemies that stand out for one positive thing and another negative: the first is that they are very hard, and with a single blow we can

take more than half a life (a lower level is not recommended to 120 or arrive without weapons maximized); the second is that despite being frozen, the truth is that their design and patterns will be very familiar. The reuse of enemies is evident in this DLC, something that tarnishes part of the work done.