Danganronpa 1-2 Reload

The Monokuma Game
We can only go back to the reviews of the two games already published on these PSVita pages , as this collection offers nothing unusual compared to what already seen but simply proposes two excellent visual novels to a budget price for the PS4 audience.
For those who did not own Life or lost the two articles at the time of their publication (bad, remedy!), We talk about two eccentric and brilliant stories that revolve around concepts such as murder, kidnapping, trust in the next how far a human can push to regain his freedom.
Trivial arguments, faced with an unmistakable Japanese point, can never make the narration in the crazy teatrino of spotters of the less successful episodes of the Ace Attorney saga or in the cosmic pessimism of the two (though splendid) episodes of Steins; Gate : the result is a peculiar mixture of genres, with predominant elements from visual novel but also dynamic from puzzle game and investigative adventure.
As an improvised recipe with what’s left in the fridge, the Danganronpa brand is made up of known flavors, but mixed in a unique, atypical way, which gives them a fresh and very pleasing taste.
Star of the show, in both episodes, is the malicious Monokuma, a robotic androide that acts on behalf of the mind behind the devilish intertwining that first involved students at Hope’s Peak Academy, locked in the huge school building in the title of debut, and then as many unlucky protagonists left to die in a tropical paradise, surrounded by the ocean and without boats to use.
The number one rule, which applies to both groups, is that the only way to get out of the specially built mousetrap is to kill one of the fellow disasters without being discovered by other prisoners. ‘assassin regains freedom, while all the others die an atrocious death, a sort of grand-violent version of the Dantesque counterattack.
If, on the contrary, the murderer is exposed, he will pay his mistake with life.
With so crazy premises (and so tasty for the player, sadistic viewer) and masterly written characters, the success of the two games could only be discounted, and in fact, while considering the poor sales of the guest console, both the first as well as the second episode they have enjoyed unconditional love from the community and varied reviews from good to good.
Danganronpa 1-2 Reload
Visual rhythm investigation puzzle
In addition to the goodness of writing, the primary ingredient, the success of the two Danganronpa is also derived from the invented mix of genres they have made, between visual novel (surely the predominant one), investigation sections for the resolution of individual murders, recalls rhythm games during “court” sessions and puzzle pieces scattered here and there.
Although there is much to be read that not to play in the narrowest sense of the term, the typical passivity of the kind of affiliation is aroused by the alternation of gameplay slots borrowed from different types of games, which can, unexpectedly, form
a unified and enjoyable unicum, assuming a certain readiness to read by the player.
On the television screen, texts are more readable, less fatigued, and even longer sessions than possible on Life, but at the same time, the change of resolution has created small problems in the aspect ratio and in the quality of handmade designs, which still remain one of the highest points in production.
The focal node, however, is represented by interweaving, characters, and interactions: we continue to emphasize why the current Playstation 4 library does not have similar titles with very few exceptions such as recent Steins; Gate 0 and Psycho- Pass Mandatory Happiness, however, both of them much more classic in their breakthrough.
Choose the devious mac
hinations of Monokuma and the sick mind behind him waiting for a title action, as it was spin off Another Episode, also arriving on the Sony flagship, it would be a major mistake that could lead not only to spend their money badly but also judge incorrect
ly two genuinely brilliant products.
The dialogic phases in both titles are not only prominent, but the real stars of the situation: thinking to jump or even accelerate just a couple could seriously compromise the full understanding of the events, which, especially at the close of the two finals, know how to make themselves really intricate .
Conversely, if you have a certain rea
diness to read and the narrative aspect is one of the first discriminators to choose a video game, Danganronpa 1-2 Reload will be able to capture you as a few other products, leaving you with your breath suspended (and no, not will make it through lazy cliffhanger) for the end of the trilogy, coming to our side in late summer.
Danganronpa 1-2 Reload
Upscale art
No significant addition, even from the technical point of view, outside of a new list of trophies, strangely shared between the two titles, a
nd the anticipated rise in the resolution in the transition from Life to Ps4: if, undoubtedly, the extraordinary artistic direction of which both titles are endowed with being switched to a consistently more powerful hardware, we would still expect some small unfinished chicca, such as sketches preparatory, extra material to unlock or some behind the unseen scenes, which might make the bridge with the next third episode, coming out in Europe in September.
Those who love the Japanese section, colorful and cherished, that distinguish these products, will love each of the characters and will enjoy even more of the thirty hours of total needed to see the queue titles (and enjoy scary revelations …) of all two products.
We close with a small margin note: given the recent arrival of titles such as Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness and Root Letter and the Zero Escape The Nonary Games, we believe that the kind of visual novel, albeit hybridized, is finally widening too in the West, and we can only please them, given the excellent quality of these productions.