Critical reviews appear on pages of some games in the Epic Games Store – review

On the pages of games in Epic Games Store finally there were reviews of critics from the aggregator Opencritic. However, it can be noted that the store’s developers decided to take into account only the recommendations of reviewers, and on the pages of some projects there are no reviews at all.

For instance, Darksiders III OpenCritic received an average score of 69 out of 100, but only 50 out of 141 reviewers (or 36%) recommended the game to their readers. This is also the case with World war z – an average score of 70 out of 100, but only 51% of the recommendations.
In addition, on the pages of games that have received critical reviews, you can also see three selected reviews. How did you find out Pc gamer, these reviews choose algorithms Epic games, which take into account the “notoriety” of the publication, the difference between the reviewer’s rating and the average rating, the presence of obscene language in the review and the mention of various platforms.

Recall that on OpenCritic, a game is considered recommended if the critic indicated this when sending feedback to the site, if the rating exceeds a certain threshold, or if the publication uses non-numeric ratings that accurately indicate the recommendation.