Core ungrateful

Recore review

Right from the start the title catapults us into a very pleasant sci-fi atmosphere, halfway between Lost Planet 3 and the beginning of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The scenario is in fact that of a desert planet, Far Eden, which in the intentions of some scientists would have had to become the new home of human beings, decimated following the spread of a devastating epidemic.


But something went wrong: the cunning meteorologist Joule Adams awakens from her cryogenic sleep with a century late and realizes that the corebot technology has been somewhat corrupted, turning the service androids into hostile and dangerous machines, with ‘only exception of his faithful “dog”, Mack, and other specimens that we will know during the adventure


.Supported by a high quality Italian dubbing and an excellent soundtrack, the story of recore pc is very well told and is undoubtedly one of the strengths of this production.

Recore xbox one  is an excellent title: well narrated, engaging, with lots to discover. Too bad for uploads!


At the beginning it seemed that the gameplay of re core would have made us able to use the cores to give life to different machines, but in the finished product this ambition is clearly resized.

Core ungrateful
Core ungrateful

However, the configurations presented at the start were maintained, therefore the aforementioned dog Mack, able to support our attack by jumping on the enemies and electrifying them; the fearful octopus Seth, able to shoot missiles on the chosen targets and to magnetize himself to make us go down certain ramps; the very strong gorilla Duncan, who tears his opponents apart by using fists and fire; and little Violet, in charge of checkpoints, quick trips and team changes.

ReCore Trailer at E3 2015

recore definitive edition review

Completed a short tutorial, recore game pc quickly assumes the connotations of an action adventure with lots to do and to discover, climbing mountains and platforms in the optics of nice and multifaceted platform sections, in many ways “old school”, which are reminiscent of the vertical exploration of the Prince of Persia in cel shading or even the catacombs of Assassin’s Creed, including enclosures.

You move within very large maps, each containing steps that allow you to access dungeons where you can deal with new threats, overcome paths fraught with pitfalls and conquer resources of various kinds, especially prismatic cores.


The latter are a fundamental requirement to be able to challenge themselves with certain challenges and even to complete the story, so never back down when you can get someone, or you will then be forced to backtracking in order to move forward.The collected objects can be used once they are back in SpazzaSabbia di Joule, in order to unlock and assemble new components for Mack, Seth and Duncan


, as well as enhance the characteristics of attack, defense and energy. An interesting solution rich in variables, although characterized by some edge in terms of interface and the inability to improve the rifle of the protagonist, but progresses as you go up a level.


The initial sensations about the gameplay of ReCore are controversial, since the protagonist moves a bit ‘too “light” within the scenario and the pressure of the left trigger automatically activates a lock-on on the enemies that prevents you from mistaken targeting .


In reality, after some “introductory” battle, the combat system proves to be challenging and fairly varied, with the Joule impulse shotgun to be adjusted in four different colors (red, blue, white and yellow) in order to inflict damage to the different types of corebot that we will face.