Chivalry 2 Gameplay Records Appeared Online


Canadian studio Torn banner and publishing house Tripwire interactive only in March are they going to show their medieval action movie Chivalry 2 players – and then with a ban on publishing materials. However, a number of media have already visited a closed demonstration of the demo of the game.

A number of videos of the Chivalry 2 gameplay have been published online. The creators of the game emphasize that we see an earlier version, and many aspects will change and improve over time.

In the recordings, it is really noticeable that the models and the environment do not look too detailed. However, the fights already impressed journalists with their dynamism and richness of opportunities.

Players will have at their disposal a whole set of military weapons, devices and skills. The outcome of the fight depends on how skillfully the player disposes of this arsenal. After all, there will be no hopeless situations: even falling to the ground, the hero will be able to roll over, dodging a fatal blow.

The demo shows only battles with a limited number of opponents, but in the release version up to 64 knights can participate in battles. In addition, the creators of the game are preparing horse battles.

Chivalry 2 will be released this year only in Epic Games Store. The exact release date is still unknown.

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