Child’s dream

Instead of enriching the miniature Australia of Horizon 3 by adding a new and fascinating setting, perhaps accompanied by some particular dynamic of specific driving, as seen in the excellent Blizzard Mountain , this time the team went to change the same driving style for offer completely new situations in this Hot Wheels Expansion. It is true that Horizon has always remained far from serious realistic driving simulations but the engine in common with Motorsport has always kept away even from the most extreme digressions dell’arcade, however with this new addition the references change and the certainties collapse .


The absurd tracks of Hot Wheels combine the adult Force driving model with the imagination of a child who assembles the pieces of a huge circuit together, realizing to all intents and purposes the dream of living motor racing directly in first person. In fact, there’s really not much else to ask about the expansion of an arcade racing game as well as putting into practice a paradise of jumps, fights, spins of death and crazy speed.

Force Horizon 3: Hot Wheels Expansion makes us feel the thrill of living racing in a car


Child's dream
Child's dream

While life flows (more or less) normally in the Australian outback, between races and huge motor-based festivals, as soon as you purchase the additional package you notice something different off the beach of the Twelve Apostoles, and the skyline of the newborn archipelago makes immediately understand that something has definitely changed.


The Hot Wheels expansion introduces a series of islets off the coast, joined together by an intricate network of tracks that defy logic and the laws of physics, proposing for the first time loops, impossible parabolic curves, half-pipes, instant accelerators, deadly crossovers and a wide range of absurd tricks and situations taken directly from Mattel’s construction kits.


The impact of this new and colorful plastic world is impressive,Here the “poetic licenses” are not limited to the possibility of running a custom-built for fields and beaches, but they put us behind the wheel at crazy speed on very smooth plastic tracks that wind between heaven and earth at impossible angles, finding a difficult and beautiful balance between the semi-realistic plant of the driving model and the madness of tracks that seem to give birth to the mind of a particularly imaginative child.


The map is progressively punctuated by innumerable challenges between performances located in precise points of the complex of streets and more or less classic races, even if their dynamics are strongly transformed by extreme track design. Several conditions for the completion of the competitions are set up, which allow for the collection of variable medals, the collection of which represents the main system of progression in this particular world.


The attention of Hot Wheels is all placed in the extravagant track design and in this context the surrounding scenario goes into the background: this is why the map, although extremely wide, basically offers repetitions and fragments of settings taken from the main game, spread over islets that act as supports for the slopes. On the other hand, the possibility to exit the tracks and explore the environment freely is kept to a minimum, so the scenarios do not need to be developed in a particularly detailed way in favor of the care taken in the design of the tracks.