Enter the Gungeon

Not so I had to review Enter the Gungeon. But hey – the past few days, the game carefully wiping my floor, so let at least in this one-sided battle to feel like a winner. Payment – this is important!

Generally, the month promises to be hot for the hotlines. If you survive the Enter the Gungeon, you definitely will finish Dark Souls 3 . But many will be enough “Gandzheona”. I now had enough.

Under normal circumstances, I would generally did not undertake this review. Hidetaka Miyazaki games I have deliberately avoided uberhardkornyh The Binding of Isaac  and via Nuclear Throne – too, but by Enter the Gungeon after the showcase Sony in London I just could not go: a nice pixel graphics, cooperative, fatty bosses and lots of fun.

But here’s the thing, on the complexity of the Showcase has been strongly underestimated (though the build is made to sweat even in conjunction with a partner), and I had no idea that subscribe to the hassle in the spirit of The Binding of Isaac.

The most accurate description of the new dungeon-crawler Dodge Roll studio goes something like this: “This game is just like my sex life. The first time was quite short, but I will continue to try and longer all did not care. “

Before landing in the dungeon, or rather, “oruzhele” as he called the characters of the game, you choose one of the five heroes. In fact, the difference between the conventional “class” consists only in the opening set of weapons, but considering that the whole rhythm Enter the Gungeon built on speed and performance of interaction with everything that deals damage, this difference becomes crucial.

That is a criminal urabatyvaet enemies revolver, shotgun and Molotov cocktails. The pilot primary arsenal reduced to mere blaster (damage by any count), but in possession of a character are the master key, without which often do not unlock the chest with something powerful inside. At Marine also only open the gun, but it can cause a box of ammunition.

Hunter wielding a gun and crossbow singly charged; in mopping halls, it helps the dog indicating treasures. Cultist available exclusively in cooperative mode.

Players will appreciate it darts and cookies friendship (allows you to raise the dead comrade, who, without the cookies will just haunt you gray shadow).

After selecting a character, you go to the very “oruzhele” – to suffer and imitate Tourette’s syndrome. Levels there are randomly generated, so remember a map and location of the enemy is simply impossible.

Died – got a very different location in which you are in the first room to crush opponents.

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Gameplay trailer Enter the Gungeon.

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Fighting in the Enter the Gungeon look like this. You pour fire at once with half a dozen enemies, whose shots cover the entire screen space. You are at this point somersaults dodge bullets (somersault gives temporary invulnerability), overturned the tables, constructing improvised shelters, jump over traps and endlessly circle the room, avoiding the deadly bullets and swearing late overcharging. The brain is boiling from the concentration and the abundance of information, fingers on reflexes coordinate million necessary for the survival action.

And lucky even if for rifts and deviationist waltz a place, often Enter the Gungeon throws you into tiny rooms, where to turn, then did not really happen. In addition, the health of the game characters can not boast, a couple of shots and have to start all over again – without the proceeds from slain enemies and extracted money from the coffers of weapons. That is why the found additional cell life and other useful bonuses here is like Christmas.

That’s it, room by room, you and we clean the cave: find chests with items and weapons (for other than standard cannons end cartridges) beats with endless hordes of enemies to liberate the captive, who, after returning to the “hub” and die, die, you die. Sometimes it is not even going to the boss, or even offensive, right in his lair – spending 10-15 minutes, as it turned out, pointless race.

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Enter the Gungeon but much deeper than it seems. There are not only skills but also good management, the ability to stop in time, or vice versa – to calculate their weakness. You can quite quickly find the door leading to the boss, but to go to him with a standard weapon – the idea is highly questionable. In the best case (with great success and) 15 minutes you will peck another tea with Gatling gun or jellyfish, poisoning the water around them.

Believe me, the bosses here are incredibly tenacious, well-aimed and quirky. And if a shootout with common enemies sometimes seem unbearable, the battle with the guys from Major League at all look like  the violenceagainst defenseless robots Boston Dynamics. In this case, you are robots.

Players constantly stand before a choice – to search for guns abruptly (in this case, in fact, the meaning of Enter the Gungeon – become dangerous bristle) or go to battle with the boss, putting at stake razdobytuyu equipment and their time. But the more rooms you explore, the more the number of opponents faced. But every room – this is not just about more money, which in located in the underground stores you can buy armor or guns, but the danger to lose life, not reach the optimum health to the boss. However, how much in vain to waste can and other resources – the same “dummy”, for example, temporarily neutralizing the enemy barrage of shots.

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That’s why Enter the Gungeon – This game is about passion and risks. As in Dark Souls, the first few hours you learn to learn from their mistakes. You try, move, loses. And again – you try, move, loses. Because the “naked” poked to the boss. Because gape and let the opponents themselves riddle. Because succumbed to self-confidence and did not calculate the forces. Because he chose not his character.

Hundreds of reasons, and they are all like in the song Igorya Nikolaeva – it’s you. And the first reason and the second, and all the others, all of you. Except when for the opening of new guns have to “grind” the special currency that falls from the bosses in miniscule amounts. That’s when it’s not you, and Dodge Roll and their sense of balance.

I can hardly be original if I say that overcoming yourself – disappointing, gave way, but at the same time incredibly Awarding thing, and in the case of Enter the Gungeon also incredibly fun. Let Dodge Roll sources of inspiration can poke a finger (the Binding of The of by Isaac, via Nuclear Throne, Towerfall: Ascension ), the game does not get worse. Enter the Gungeon – this is an excellent entry point for those who want to test themselves in the genre of interactive gimp, with whips, but without clothespins on her nipples as ruthless Dark Souls 3. If you missed the “Isaac” and difficulties in general, be sure to try the game of worth.