An adventure in VR

From that moment on, the game has returned to hiding in the rear of the development with only a few pieces of information distributed through official channels until the announcement of its release date that can make it one of the launch titles for the viewer of Sony.   In reality the game is also… Continue reading An adventure in VR

The review of Fallout 4 VR

Speaking of virtual reality, this 2017 was undoubtedly the year of Bethesda. No other leading manufacturer has invested so much on this still-rugged but apparently full of unexpressed potential. And so, in just a month, we found ourselves three triple A titles with enormous commercial value but with different development objectives. On the one hand there was DOOM VFR,… Continue reading The review of Fallout 4 VR

Apocalypse in VR

 Arizona Sunshine review   However, we know that you are still many who have made the big purchase and you have often pointed out in the comments and for this reason we decided to turn a spotlight on  arizona sunshine, the debut title of the guys of Jaywalkers Interactive that not only he managed to… Continue reading Apocalypse in VR

Cocos: Shark Island VR

Virtual reality is a powerful medium, whose use is not limited to video games, but also to other types of experiences. Today, in particular, we are talking about a documentary, specially designed to be enjoyed with this immersion and experience, especially with Sony’s Playstation VR The Coconut Island Off the coast of Costa Rica is a… Continue reading Cocos: Shark Island VR


Minimalist for choice As soon as we start the game, the first thing that strikes us at Superhot is the particular graphic style adopted. A minimalist style, made of white and black: white settings, black objects with which we can interact and our hands.  The only other color present is red, that of the enemies: our opponents, in… Continue reading SUPERHOT VR

Theseus are PS VR

Theseus is not just Teseo As you can guess about the title, and even the reminiscences you have about this story, we will dress up as Theseus, and we will be led by Ariadne’s voice through the labyrinth of the minotaur, the enemy who will mince us throughout the course of the game. The story,… Continue reading Theseus are PS VR

David Attenborough’s Atomic Ghost Fleet, a historic VR experience

Virtual reality has come to market by offering a unique way of enjoying content, promising incredible and breathtaking experiences. Every single product linked to the famous viewer impresses with wonder and amazement, and possible applications are still an unexplored field. What is often to be done is, however, to experiment with simple, traditional content on the new… Continue reading David Attenborough’s Atomic Ghost Fleet, a historic VR experience

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS, tried remastered in VR

The affair Konami-Kojima has changed several things in the future of both contenders; the immediate implications we all suffered were reflected in that Metal Gear Solid Vthat did not find its true fulfillment; but taking a closer look at the future you can already see that silent hills from unmistakable charm, also due to Del Toro’s participation that was canceled… Continue reading Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS, tried remastered in VR


Thank you Mixed Realms for sending us this game to review! Sairento VR is the first title to be released by Mixed Realms, a small studio based in Singapore. Their goal is to make a must-have VR ninja game. By the looks of this early access game, they are on their way to reaching that goal. There’s… Continue reading SAIRENTO VR