Horror Lies Beneath create for Oculus VR devices – review

Studio Drifter entertainmentknown for co-op shooter Gunheart, announced its new project. It’s a horror Lies beneathcreated for Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift virtual reality devices.

In the story, the heroine May returns from college to her father’s home in the quiet town of Slumber in Alaska. And he discovers that something is wrong here: the city is awash with terrible creatures. To save his father, May will have to not only defeat the monsters, but also discover the truth about Slumber’s past.

In the arsenal, May will have both melee and ranged weapons. In addition, as she progresses, she will have to solve various puzzles. A completed game in a comic style.

The release of Lies Beneath will take place soon. The game will be released on Oculus Quest on March 31, and will reach Oculus Rift on April 14. In the meantime, those who wish can get acquainted with certain moments from the history of Slumber on a special site.

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