Catch a Knight – WB Games Montreal starts teasing a new Batman game again

At the end of September, the studio WB Games Montreal published several teasers accepted by users for a hint of a new game about Batman. Three months later, the developers of the proposed project returned with a new batch of mysterious images. Illustrations appeared today in official accounts. WB Games Montreal social networks Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Pictures were signed with the words “Catch the Knight” and were part of a puzzle, the solution of which required to combine all the images into one. Having gathered the illustrations together, users received an image of a certain coat of arms with an eagle, a shield, a crown, crossed swords and scales of justice. One theory indicates that it may be the emblem of the Gotham Police Department.

If anyone remembers, the past teaser images of the developers also represented a coat of arms, presumably a secret criminal organization, the Court of Owls.

Now, about the game itself, apart from rumors, nothing is known. There is no information on the timing of the announcement either.

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