Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Space, last frontier
Star Trek: Bridge Crew joins the timeline created in 2009 by JJ Abrams’s Star Trek and takes us aboard the USS Aegis, whose job is to look for a new habitable planet for the Vulcanists after they have been destroyed. To do this, we will have to go to an area of ​​space occupied by dangerous Klingons. We say it right away: you understand too well that the narrative segment is not the focus of the title. The plot seems more a mere excuse for throwing the Aegis crew into action than a true bearer of the title. It is a shame if we consider the infinite narrative potential that the license could have provided.
The technical department is able to give good visuals of space, but it is quite backward, especially with regard to the many characters that populate the spaceship. This is a step backwards quite noticeable compared to other Playstation VR productions, of which Star Trek inherits the almost immeasurable blur effect. Nevertheless, the title nevertheless offers an immersive experience thanks to Sony’s home viewer, an experience completely free from nausea-related troubles.
There is nothing to complain of, however, regarding the sound field, which resumes some of the music and effects of the brand, which is particularly atmospheric.
Star Trek: Bridge Crew
Want to travel in space with me?
Star Trek: Bridge Crew is made up of two modes, each faced both single and in company (up to four players, online only): a campaign mode that takes us through the five missions that make up the story, and a mode called ” ongoing voyages “, which allows us to deal randomly generated missions.
Whatever the mode of our choice, we will be able to interpret one of these four roles: the captain, who has the task of directing the activities of his subordinates and controlling the status of the ship; the pilot, who has the task of driving the spaceship and setting the routes; the engineer, who has the task of distributing the ship’s energies and carrying out repairs; finally, the tactical officer, dealing with weapons, shields and sensors. Each of the four roles requires a different approach and takes a few minutes to get used to its command plan, which varies from role to role. Nevertheless, the controls of each position are intuitive (for a more immersive experience, we recommend using two Playstation Move) and easy storage.
As you can already understand from this diversification, the real pivot of the game is collaboration: the rider must be good at coordinating his subordinates, but they must be equally good at communicating with each other and with their captain. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is delighted to re-create the experience of being on a spaceship and having to work with a crew, making happiness both to fans of the series and to those who, more generally, love science fiction.
This, however, goes so far as to penalize the single player mode: in it, we will necessarily use the captain, commanding three characters controlled by artificial intelligence; Alternatively, we may move and assume another role temporarily, then return to the captain’s chair whenever we want to. The point is that traveling alone does not work, you can not enjoy it: you know too much that it is not what Star Trek: Bridge Crew is thought of. For this, if you are looking for an experience to play alone, we recommend letting you lose this title.
If you have a group of friends to play (in this regard, let’s say that you can play online with players from other platforms) or you are not shy and you are willing to collaborate with strangers, then Star Trek: Bridge Crew could make a case your.
Assuming you can overlook the other, great problem that afflicts the Ubisoft title: keeping it in time. The game does not have a large supply in quantitative terms, considering that the campaign only has five missions (about three hours of gameplay) before leaving the randomly generated missions. To this you have to add a lack of variety: it is more than collaborating with different people than the game itself.
These two factors, united, do not make Star Trek: Bridge Crew a game that will keep you glued for many hours in a row, as much as an occasional experience. Taken in this way, the game can be worth the candle: at full price, however, it is difficult to recommend it with closed eyes.