Tried the new Monster Hunter World

The jumping is therefore evident from the beginning: the world of gameplay is lively and pulsating than ever, and in our trial we have been able to admire a lush jungle dotted with crystal clear waterfalls and majestic creatures whose design is inspired by fantastic creatures as to real creatures, including dinosaurs (we had a close encounter with a T-Rex, author of the sad epilogue of our character).

The game runs at 1080p and keeps on 30fps: a choice that rightly privileges the title stability that during our PS4 Pro trial showed no technical hiccups. This is not a game that will make the miracle cry for his visual compartment, butMonster Hunter World manages to defend itself more than worthy of most contemporary productions.

As a tradition for the series, fiction will not have a prominent role: simply, we will hunt for more and more powerful monsters without any frills. During our test, for example, we had the goal of hunting a dragon, which unfortunately managed to escape all of our capture attempts. A World of Monsters Monster Hunter’s gameplay has never changed in the main series, and World

Tried the new Monster Hunter World

is no exception. Hunting is the real fulcrum of experience, in all its features: in the face of a completely customizable hero, starting from his appearance through his abilities, we will have to venture into wild nature in search of dangerous creatures to fight. Hunting, you know, is not limited to fighting: you have to start collecting clues about the habitat of the creature, then go to the study of your habits and strengths and weaknesses. Only after this long process comes true battle.

At first we will not be able to face many opponents, but by leveling up and improving our equipment, thanks to the rewards of those who hunt for hunting missions, we can get to hunt the most dangerous creatures in the game world; an easier task to say than to do, since most of the equipment will have to be obtained by crafting objects collected during a mission, often given as a reward. We will have to wait for the right items to get the desired equipment and then be able to face the most demanding challenges.

This, as we said, is the gameplay underlying the entire series, and we find ourselves unchanged in this chapter; Monster Hunter World does not want to revolutionize its series of origin, but to propose an evolution that brings it to the next level, a level that takes into account the technological breakthrough since the latest releases of the main series.

This evolution is part of the gaming world, with which we can interact as never before: for example, in the jungle we could climb on the lane to reach higher locations, otherwise unattainable. In this sense, an important part will be played by the ramp, which will allow us to reach high places and move objects around us; for example, we may drop rocks to cause a landslide, damage or distract our enemy animals.

Interactivity is therefore the word that marks the new chapter of Monster Hunter, in order to present us a living game world as it has ever been before, also testified by the many creatures that populate it: they will not only react to the player’s presence but will have their own lives and will react to the presence of other animals in their own territory, contributing to the idea of ​​being in front of a true ecosystem with its own life.

Additionally, if in the past the play areas were divided into zones that involved loading times in the passage from one to the other, in Monster Hunter Worldthis passage happens without loading: this means that the creatures we face will be able to chase us even if we try to escape, endangering our adventurer’s health.
To compensate for this increase in difficulty, we have introduced the ability to cure in movement, which makes us targets less easy at the time of need. Our hunt took place during the day, but the weather will be dynamic: the arrival of the night will obviously lead to changes in animal activities; then we must be ready to adapt to the new conditions, so that we can not get unprepared in the middle of our hunt.