Call of Juarez: Gunslinger


To stand out today in the FPS is practically impossible if the values ​​that are maintained at the time of developing a new title go back to drinking the most trite spectacular formula and even presided over by Call of Duty and all those shooters marked by the script .


Call of Juarez – which has nothing to do with the successful series of Activision – plays also in this league, and with it does not stand out, but this Gunslinger has put a recommended production on the table, especially due to its price,


15 euros , and format, downloadable, without ambitions and without the theft that would be put this work in a box and 60 euros. Techlandhe knows that here he handles a secondary product, an inferior proposal that wants nothing more than to give the player


a good time of fun, reflexes and the always tempting setting of the nineteenth-century West . All this is, in one of the most striking downloads of recent weeks. Nothing to do with The Cartel .

With a very arcade style , corseted and focused on fun without any need for attention or unnecessary depths, Gunslinger presents a


central campaign starring Silas Graves , a thoughtful gunslinger who came to him unless he had to pull a revolver, a rifle and a shotgun to go through many of the streets, most important squares and salons of the Sol Poniente area crossing paths with stars from the more classic spaghetti western like Billy El Niño or Butch Cassidy .


It’s not going to be an easy trip, nor is it easy, this game focuses on shooting to get points and filling the support bars again and againas time slowers, bullet absorption or red highlighting of enemies. All this interspersing comic vignetteswith the bulk of the plot


and comments of the voice in off in first person of Graves, very Max Payne style, filling the constant silences that produces a linear journey marked by the aim and reflexes .

Shooting and more shots.  There's not much else to do here but this is always fun.  More so in the Wild West less serious we remember.
Shooting and more shots. There’s not much else to do here but this is always fun. More so in the Wild West less serious we remember.

Sheriff’s Eye

The atmosphere that Call of Juarez recreates has always been, in addition to the brilliant Red Dead Redemption , one of his successes. In Gunslinger the most classic style returns when it comes to setting the situations, maps and characters,


with lots of bad taste jokes typical of the hostility of the West, prankish dialogues as it proceeds to its central characters, constant violence, icons of this universe such as powder balls, the wagons or the gallows at the beginning of each town, etc. Silas Graves is a character taken from a classic western who is involved in a simple story of classic western. Neither more nor less,


without unattainable pretensions . This will lead you to shoot hordes of bandits, rivals on horseback or be immersed in solitairesduels and confrontations, solved with a minigame that requires concentration to control the two sticks at the same time, the left to draw the weapon and the right to keep the pointer on the target.

Without too much variety in any of their fields or weapons, the fun basically lies in how Gunslinger has different situations with the scenarios and the appearance of the rivals, and how the aim and the combos system of success are the two keys to achieve the


best scores beyond other mechanics such as not to suffer damage -here unimportant given that there is rapid self – regeneration- or prepare ambushes and flanks. No trace of this type of usual demands in the genre, here you just have to hide the


right thing, move forward and hit, as your informal style commands, all in about four and a half hours or five of easy trigger. The maps usually accommodate various heights and blind spotsto put the shootings a bit uphill, there are times when we do not


know where the fire comes from and it may mean falling, but it does not have the greatest transcendence, the previous checkpoint is not too far away.