Call of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Available on PlayStation – Testing All Versions Now Available

Open alpha testing is currently underway on PlayStation consoles Call of Duty: Vanguard… A new online mode is available for players “Contest of Champions“in which eight pairs or triplets compete on four cards in a series of bouts to the last surviving team.

Channel ElAnalistaDeBits already tested the shooter and recorded a video with a comparison. The results are below.

Resolution and FPS:

  • PS4 – 1080p / 60 FPS;
  • PS4 Pro -1440p / 60 FPS;
  • PS5 – 2160p / 60 FPS or 1260p / 120 FPS.

Performance and graphics:

  • In all cases, dynamic scaling image reconstruction is applied;
  • Textures, draw distance and anisotropic filtering are better on PS5;
  • PS4 and PS4 Pro versions do not use dynamic shadows, and some static shadows are missing;
  • PS5 has additional reflections on some materials, but no ray tracing;
  • Depth of field processing is significantly better on the PS5. There are problems with this on the PS4 Pro.
  • Small drawdowns sometimes occur on all platforms, but overall the frame rate is stable.

Alpha Call of Duty: Vanguard will be available until 20:00 Moscow time tomorrow. The next round of testing will take place in September on all platforms.

The full release of the game will take place on November 5th. Pre-orders are already open.

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