At your fingertips: Deathloop developers talk about using the PS5’s DualSense controller features

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Development team Arkane Studios shared new details of her next project – an unusual action adventure Deathloopcreated as a temporary exclusive for the next generation console Playstation 5

So, on the official blog page Playstation representatives Arkane told in more detail how in Deathloop controller will be involved DualSenseThe developers note that they plan to make the most of all its unique features

It is reported that each weapon will feel differently due to the dynamic action of the triggers that adjust to your chosen killing machine. Wherein Arkane took care of creating unique situations – for example, the machine can misfire and jam, as a result of which it will be simply impossible to temporarily squeeze the trigger to the end

An interesting point is connected with the tactile vibration system, which will dynamically change depending on the surface on which the main characters move. A sharp descent on the roof is accompanied by aggressive recoil, and a jump into a soft snowdrift ends with a soft recoil of the controller.

Deathloop tells the story of Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop, who is desperately trying to break the vicious circle by eliminating a number of dangerous people on the mysterious island of Black Reef. However, every time from the success of the hero is stopped by his worst enemy – Juliana, who does her best to keep the insane time loop full of death and destruction.

Release Deathloop should take place May 21, 2021 years on Playstation 5, as well as PC

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