PC commercial was banned because there are no girls in it

It became known about the ban on computer advertising due to the fact that only guys were depicted in it, while the girls were completely absent.

A new promotional video was banned for portraying obscene gender stereotypes. According to Gamebomb.ru, an ad from PC Specialist showed computers, as well as three guys playing games, recording music and doing programming. The voiceover said: “For players, gamers, programmers, editors, specialists, composers.” The ad did not like the audience who complained that there were no girls in it. It seemed to many that the video supports eternal gender stereotypes, showing that only guys are interested in PC and technology.

PC Specialist, responding to complaints, said that the video was designed specifically for their target audience, which is 87.5 percent of the guys. She also added that in the video there is no comparison between boys and girls, and he does not show that the girls are not at all interested in computers. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) did not agree with the company’s arguments. “We felt that advertising implies superiority of guys in these roles and areas, as well as the fact that only they can succeed in this,” the ASA statement said. As a result, the commercial from PC Specialist was completely banned from showing.

According to Gamebomb.ru, the Advertising Standards Authority also banned the advertising campaign of the PeoplePerHour online platform, which, according to 19 people, also demonstrated gender stereotypes. As a result, PeoplePerHour had to take appropriate measures, as well as publish a public apology on its website.