Brad Sams tried to fix an AMD error and talked about real ports in the Xbox Series X

January 7th AMD at its own press conference as part of CES 2023 showed Xbox Series X. In the short video, the back of the console was lit up, showing a large number of ports for connection. After some time, it turned out that the company used a fake render. “The images were not obtained from Microsoft, so they do not accurately represent the design or functions of the future console,” said an AMD representative.

Journalist Brad Sams, famous for a large number of leaks of news about the Xbox, tried to fill the gap. In my article on the site Thurrott he lamented that AMD made a lot of noise by delivering its fake talk at CES. She did not check the information due to which a serious problem arose: one of the employees bought a render from TurboSquid, which was inaccurate. Companies that develop chips for next-generation systems, everyone wholeheartedly believed, this created an information explosion.

The main problem is that now the entire Internet is filled with information that does not accurately show the ports of the Xbox Series X starting from a fake render.

Sams interviewed several familiar insiders, trying to recreate the number and functions of real ports based on early iterations of hardware. The journalist warns that the information is not final and may change for release, however, it is performed according to the provided data from reliable sources familiar with the equipment.

So, right now on the back of the Xbox Series X are:

  • two super-fast USB-A (SuperSpeed) ports;
  • one Ethernet port;
  • one HDMI port;
  • optical port for audio output;
  • power connector.

There is also one unidentified port at the back of the console, possibly for debugging (debugging port). Most likely, the engineers will remove it when the console goes on sale.

The attached image shows the general layout of ports on real equipment:

In addition, holes for air intake are located on the rear side of the device, and all ports are located on the lower half.

There is a USB-A port on the front of the console. It looks like Microsoft is currently sticking to the old USB format.

Of course, I would like Type-C to be built into the Xbox Series X, as they are increasingly popular in the market and more convenient for users. Perhaps the company will come to its senses and offer a more recent solution in the release version of the device.

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