BloodLust Shadowhunter

Tales from the Crypt

The BloodLust Shadowhunter okay with the atmosphere. You wake up in a coffin in some gloomy dungeon, uterine hear his voice and see with horror – now you convert a vampire (or vampire), and you need to get to the city to find out who is to blame and what to do next.

There, in the city will have to work on different vampire clans (total of five), earn a reputation, to then decide with whom you are, and to oppose their local Emperor – the spoils life and vampires, and ordinary mortals.

The beauty is that in actual fact you monster hunter, who was killed, and then resurrected in the form of an unknown vampire “patron.” And in the end, already a seasoned ghoul, you will decide whether to remain in you, something human, to destroy a great evil, and you are already on the dark side.

The tops and bottoms

like in Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines Vampires are satisfied with your masquerade: the secret place of refuge in the cellars under the Chinese restaurants and gun shops, negotiate in theaters and organize private parties at nightclubs for their bicentennial daughters.

Dark doorway and neon drenched streets, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels and massage parlors that employ a cute girl with sharp teeth – in BloodLust Shadowhunter unmistakable style and atmosphere characteristic of the universe World of Darkness.

But while no one bothers at any time to go down to the dungeon and turn the game into a gloomy dungeon crawler. There, in the catacombs, the levels each time generated randomly, you descend deeper and deeper, you meet more and more powerful enemies, overcome traps, looking for the keys to the doors, trying to find secret rooms and caches hacking chests and painfully wondering what to throw out the inventory to take this one rare crossbow or dagger.

BloodLust Vampire: ShadowHunter game review

After the death of the hero can be reborn in a safe area.

In the dungeons at the same time without a flashlight does not see any DIG, and the batteries have discharged unpleasant property. In addition, it is very difficult to find a way out, so you have to learn the skill of teleportation and carry a special teleport crystals.

Kiss of the Vampire

, however, the main thing that you should always have on hand and in the catacombs and in the city – a bottle with blood: without it no longer regenerate endurance (it is needed for special attacks in close combat), health and mana.

This is especially true precisely under the ground, where it is difficult to meet the living mortal soul – very often some zombies, golems, snakes, spiders and other filth.

But in the city, you can always attack someone in a dark corner and drop to the delicate neck. If the appropriate skill is sufficiently developed, bitten will become a member of your own vampire family. He can give orders: to run side by side and to protect the owner, collect “loot” on location or search, bite and make you new “relatives”. That is, over time, will put together his squad.

Role games with vampires

, however, your main helpers in BloodLust Shadowhunter no minions, and characteristics, talents and skills. Role system here is simple but effective. At the start, you choose the floor and, oddly enough, the race of your character: you can be pure or bloodsucker Dampier – poluchelovekom which is weaker than the first, but also less dependent on the need to constantly drink blood. Plus Dampier higher resistance to fire and light.

Then choose your character class – it is conditional, warrior, mage (Witch), or a thief (Criminal). Choices affect the starting characteristics of the warrior, of course, initially stronger the magician above charisma and persuasion skills, and the thief uses elevated stocks dexterity to successfully strike from long-range weapons and pick locks. Basic parameters, in turn, affect not only the level of health or mana, melee damage and things like that, but also the efficiency of the use of skills.

BloodLust Vampire: ShadowHunter game review

Vampires, as usual, like painting.