Outlast II

Langermann operator Blake and his wife, Lynn goes to the Arizona outback, to investigate the mysterious murder of a girl. But on the way their helicopter crashed, Lynn lost goodness knows where, and Blake, shedding tears and glasses, is embarking on her trail.

Electricity in the province, where the action takes place, has not carried out, so that the darkness around – even pitch dark.

Fortunately, the camera of the hero, as in the first Outlast , is equipped with a night vision mode – let it quickly consumes the battery, in broad daylight with him no longer get lost. As a miracle technology helps the hero to eavesdrop on remote conversations and stores the key events.

The fire does not burn, does not sink in water – in short, the device for all occasions. Only one bad – head cam nobody break. It’s a pity.

Because the tie in the spirit of “The X-Files” As the story turns into a horror movie like “Hellraiser” with a touch of kinorepertuara Rob Zombie (Rob Zombie).

It turns out, the village teeming with religious fanatics who do not feed bread – let somebody sacrifice. And the team they truly infernal preacher named Sullivan Music: only his portraits are not dangerous to hang out in the red corner and the only record of his sayings are allowed to waste paper.

The geography and the structure of the sect based on the history of the “Peoples Temple”, which ended tragically in the autumn of 1978, when more than nine hundred fanatics have gone to the next world with his leader Jim Jones (Jim Jones). But even without this parallel in Outlast II visible work on the entourage.

If the authors had intended to wrap up in grotesque excessive religious zeal, they do it for one hundred percent. Here is a helpless shadow lowing something about celestial carts, that’s a terrible old woman Marta, killing pick the victims, and here is the High Sparrow, the only well-fed man in the tens of miles around – just like Kim Jong-un in North Korea.

Possessed of a villain expels girls, of course, in bed, maintaining a reign of terror, massacre of the innocents and the set of quotations from the Bible. And how do you standoff conventional Christians just as conventional Satanists, the difference between them is purely formal?

On the other side, Outlast IIbeats and conspiracy, including the impact on the psyche of the radiating towers – in short, ideological depth of the game is such that the bottom is not in sight. Throw in quoting of everything that comes to mind in the context of the – from the Old Testament prophets to “The Shining” Stenli Kubrika

(Stanley Kubrick). And in such a pot to stew hero.

Sit on cases, catching his breath, he is now busy. Let the developers have diversified mechanism pryatok, allowing Blake to climb under the bed, jump into barrels, dive time under water, or simply lock the door, you are surprised to find that the enemy is also able to crawl, swim, and to plant a running heck of it not too difficult.

Therefore, despite the variety of cubbyhole, absolutely reliable shelter is not here, with walking on the heels of fanatics as it moves to a head does not become smaller.

Feelings have heightened – if necessary, make out the hero in the dark back of the head, and kill a couple of punches. What immediately sets high rate: the main occupation in the village maniacs – steeplechase, occasionally punctuated by hallucinations of the school, where a parallel story line develops.

Moments of transition from reality, so to speak, associative hell are furnished without mounting gluing, as organically as the chase – the door opens the wrong way, the tentacles from the well caught by Blake mikitki. In other words, when compared with the first part, Outlast II of is more meaningful, driving, whole and meaningful work for the culture of horror. But here’s the problem – nobody cares.