Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

The well-known work of the mangaka Kentaro Miura returns to the fore after passing a cycle in which despite enjoying a certain fame and transcendence has remained in creative limbo for different reasons. Apart from a trilogy of films and a new animated series, a


new videogame is added, third based on the series after its passage through Dreamcast (“Sword of Berserk: Guts’ Rage” that arrived in the West) and PlayStation 2 (“Berserk : Millenium Falcom Hen Seima Senki no Shô “who stayed in Japan).

So we have “Berserk and the Band of the Hawk” that comes to satisfy the desire of fans of the series, and the genre “musou”, to be able to fight using the popular characters of the series.

berserk_and_the_band_of_the_hawk_20170226134617.jpg Screenshot

The game covers from the beginning of the series, arc argument of the “Golden Age” (“Golden Age”), to the part of the “Millennium Falcon” (“Falcom of the Millenium”) . To accompany the transcendental moments of the game are included some


sequences taken from the movie trilogy of the first plot arc of the series (“Egg of the King”, “Battle for Doldrey” and “Descent”) but also sequences made with the graphic engine , which will be more prominent in the second half of it.

The gameplay is typical of the ” Dynasty Warriors ” in which in the middle of the battlefield you have to go down the enemies that are in the field while they are fulfilling a series of missions that are presented to be able to advance and come out victorious With each


demolition will fill a bar located at the bottom of the life that will cause the character enters a state of frenzy and their attacks do more damage.


In turn in this state each demolition will fill a bar located on the left, called Death Blow (Mortal Strike), which is at the top you can execute a special movement that will literally sweep all enemies that are in the range of action of the attack.

berserk_and_the_band_of_the_hawk_20170306121121.jpg Screenshot

Before the fight the character can be equipped with different objects and accessories to improve their performance (a maximum of 4 in the case of the


first and 3 in the case of the second). The objects , which are achieved in each combat phase, serve to obtain advantages such as recovering life, increasing attack, speed, etc. and its use is limited to a certain number of times per phase.


The accessories, on the other hand, confer increase of the characteristics of the combat depending on the abilities that the object possesses (increase of the


bar of life, of attack, defense, speed of load of the bar of frenzy, …) and that will be able to be improved as you progress through the story mode of the game.

These improvements can be made in two ways that will be unlocked as you advance in story mode. One is the improvement ( enhace ) through the use of materials that are obtained in each phase or buying them in the store before the fight while the other is to


merge objects ( amalgamate ) to increase the level of different skills that these include Also reached at a point in the game you can choose the ones you


want to include in the object among a list of available for each time the improvement is made. Of course, in both cases an amount of gold (gold) is required to carry out the process.

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There is also the option of being able to level up the rest of the characters, even investing huge amounts of money from the game, up to a


maximum level determined by the character that has reached the highest (for example, if there is a character with level 30 the rest of characters can go up to that level by investing the accumulated gold).

The characters will have the possibility not only to use their main weapon and the objects to survive the different phases of the game but will also be


equipped with secondary weaponsthat will be used to carry out attacks of different kinds. For example, Guts may throw knives while characters like Griffith or Casca will use the crossbow to defend themselves against their enemies.


With the passage of the phases and the unlocking of new appearances the weapons that can equip the characters will change as for example


Guts that with the Berserker armor can use the barrel of his arm or explosives to cause havoc to the enemies and bosses.


Of course, secondary weapons will have a number of specific uses after which they will have to wait until they are completely recharged to be able to use them again in combat.