There is not two without three

 Assetto Corsa review

A couple of months after the launch of the first Porsche Pack and one from the second, whose output collimated with a spectacular event at the Vallelunga racetrack, Kunos Simulazioni “closes the circle” by publishing the awaited Porsche Pack 3, last of the three DLC programmed for Assetto Corsa and developed in close collaboration with the famous German car manufacturer.


Beyond the 911 GT3 RSR 2017, already announced for a forthcoming free release, we do not exclude that in the future other Stuttgart boutiques can arrive on the Italian simulator; after all, the partnership between the two companies went well beyond the simple license agreement (suffice it to say that the official Porsche simulators are based on  assetto corsa mods).


At the moment the biggest “regrets” are the legendary 959, historic rival of the Ferrari F-40 already present on  assetto corsa, and the Carrera GT, a very bad roadster equipped with a 5.7 liter V10 with 600 horsepower.


We do not know if and when we will see these cars on our screens, but the 2017 already promises to be crackling for the Italian simulator, with the announcement of the highly anticipated Alfa Romeo Giulia by Kunos Simulazioni. As always, the release of the new DLC was accompanied by a series of updates and fixes of the code (now in build 1.11), among which we highlight the introduction of offline custom leagues and interventions on damage, physics and tire model.

Two legends and a platoon of 911 (road and racing) in the third Porsche Pack of the Italian simulator

Assetto Corsa  Gameplay

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Usually, when we analyze a DLC dedicated to the cars of a simulator or a sim-arcade like Forza Motorsport, we always keep the road models separate from the racing ones, however for the Porsche Pack 3 we will make an exception, since the cars race are in significantly greater numbers.


We will dedicate this paragraph entirely to the 911, which are present in four different variants; the road 911 Turbo S and 911 R and the corsaiole 911 GT3 Cup 2017 and 911 GT3 R 2015, a mix of racing cars that slightly clarifies the DLC variety while not undermining its quality.


Let’s start from the 911 R, a limited series model (991 copies) made by the racing department that carries in the DNA the same chromosomes of the homonymous, legendary ancestor of 1967.


Equipped with a powerful 4.0-liter aspirated boxer 500-horsepower (that of the GT3 RS) and a strictly manual six-speed transmission, this Porsche drives the 0-100 km / h in just 3.8 seconds and reaches 323 km / h of full speed. It is therefore a car with flakes, which in addition to presenting an exclusive livery, or white with two red stripes, is also the lightest 911 of the historic range.

There's no two without three

On  assetto corsa ps4 it is fast, very balanced and reliable, offering all the positive characteristics that we have already listed for Carrera, naturally with a bit more pepper in terms of performance.


The gearbox is faster, the brakes are more effective and the cornering precision is higher, thanks to the mechanical self-locking rear differential; the additional power, however, requires more attention in the management of the gas.


From an aesthetic point of view, the car could look like a normal Carrera with custom livery (after all the real differences are under the hood), but there are small details that distinguish them as the dual exhaust terminals and aerodynamic elements typical of the GT3.


The sound is also excellent. The second (and last) Porsche of the package is the 911 Turbo S, a model that needs no introduction and the last descendant of a breed of “race horses” that makes its own brands of power and personality.

The numbers speak for themselves: the 3.8-liter six-cylinder twin-cylinder boxer engine, 580 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque allows the 1600-kilogram Stuttgart car to detach the 0-100 km / h in just 2.9 seconds, the 0- 200 km / h in 9.9 seconds and reach 330 km / h maximum speed schedules.


The polygonal model on  assetto corsa xbox one is exceptional (the official “Miami Blue” color is particularly recommended), and the engine sound is also amazing, which enhances the work of the increased turbochargers.

Fun to drive, efficient, precise and fast, the virtual 911 Turbo S fully reflects the qualities of the spectacular real model, sold at the non-popular price of 210 thousand euros. From the road we pass to the 911 race, included in the GT3 class.


The first of the lot on  assetto corsa steam is the 2016 GT3 R, in practice a “customer” version (ie for private pilots) of the official GT3 and based on the GT3 RS road.