Top 10 MMORPGs of 2017

Today we would like to share with our readers thoughts on what we can expect in 2017. In that play, what innovations can show mmo games. It is not the top game, but just 10 Projects summary online (MMORPG, sandbox and shooter), which we believe will become really popular and interesting for the players.

Revelation Online

Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 1

  • Developer: NetEase
  • Now: Closed Beta Test
  • Business Model: Free-to-play
  • Dating game

One of the largest online games are planned in 2017. Classic features of diluted non-TARGET, graphics and well thought-out system of pumping plot. But the most important advantage of it, of course PvP. Whether you like the fights one-on-one, short and elegant, or prefer the hours of fights wall to wall – such that thousands of people on each side, and because of the special effects can hardly see the screen and ears into a tube folded from the noise of enemies and furious roar raid -lidera – in Revelation have it all.

Of course, in the game (even at the time of the PTA) is the huge variety of PvE content. This dungeons and raids and world bosses. And the bosses are not just fatty mobs to defeat each of them will need tactics and strategy.

Of course the game has a variety of craft and profession, but not only. There are also social occupation (usurers / bankers) and other administrative employees, on the similarity of EVE online.


Lineage Eternal

Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 2

  • Developer: NCSOFT
  • Now: Alpha Test
  • Business model: Rau-to-play
  • Dating game

Announced in 2011, so it is just about ready to see the light. The game is rather a development of the first part of a series of Lineage rather than the second, because how events will unfold SPUS 200 years of the first part of the story.

Though the game and looks like “Diablo”, but it is a full-fledged MMORPG with the development of Persian, clans, crafting, pets, dungeons, Kazakhstan and other optional components, in the best spirit NCSOFT and Lineage.

Here, we can expect the same attention to PvP component as in other games of the series. Particularly pleased with the siege of several thousand people and instanced battlefield for 80 and 200 people. Will certainly and PvE, but it is in the “line” has always been what the secondary and painful.

The most important should be considered not previously used engine and combat system «Drag and Hold» -management spells using mouse movements. How it will be seen in the open test.

Chronicles of Elyria

Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 3

  • Developer: Soulbound Studios
  • Now: In development
  • Бизнес модель: Pay-to-play, Pay-per-life
  • Dating game

Chronicles is not just a sandbox MMORPG with elements, but also with a very interesting RPG character development system. Heroes not only increase your level and learn the skills, but also grow old, get wisdom, and develop your character physiologically. The most interesting is that your character can grow old and die, which is quite unusual for the MMORPG genre.

The game will divide the “life” of the character on the steps of each life stage their bonuses – young units are good at physical attacks, and the heroes of the elderly better given diplomacy and science. Characters need for shelter and food, and may die of cold or thirst. Therefore, the game will be a huge number of jobs, starting with the familiar alchemists, blacksmiths, finishing builders, carpenters and cooks.

But even more interesting is almost entirely generated by the world players. They will build a city, choose to fight power and destroying built by others. In this case, the world will change depending on the situation on the political front. Will change the trade routes and options for passing the task chains.

Payment model is also unusual, the player takes on not the whole game, and one character’s life cycle, which lasts about 1 year real.


Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 4

  • Разработчик: Artcraft Entertainment
  • Now: In development
  • Business model: Buy-to-play
  • Dating game

Crowfall concept is markedly different from the modern MMORPGs and comes to combining elements of classical representatives of the MMORPG genre with session games. Crowfall world is divided into a number of alternative realities. The main entertainment in the game – every reality-this campaign with an open world. Campaigns are called not without reason, since their cycle of “life” is divided into phases with changing rules and events. Each new, will become more and more hardcore and can last for several months.

The game offers a choice of a large number of classes – at an early stage of their development announced over 10. For character development system is used passive exercise, similar to EVE ONLINE (porlzueshsya-swinging). Especially curious system of advantages and disadvantages, which allows to develop a character for a unique way: Benefits will improve specific abilities for the development of glasses and Disadvantages, on the contrary, will reduce some of the parameters, and instead give extra points.

An important feature is the use of Crowfall voxel technology Voxel Farm, allowing you to create procedurally generated worlds with advanced physics and destructible, which is very rare in MMORPGs. In Crowfall it is quite possible to make a tunnel, make a hole in the wall, or to bring down the building on the enemy’s head.

Kraft, professions, PvP and PvE (mostly PvP), and the absence of non-linear pumping template classes – that’s the key to success of modern mmorpg, and ArtCraft Entertainment knows it. Zhdem.Lost Ark

Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 5

  • Developer: Smilegate
  • Now: PTA
  • Business model: Not defined
  • Dating game

The game, whose meaning – diversity in all its manifestations. 18 classes, in fact, the enlarged trinity of tank, tech support and DDshnika. Each – their own interface, weapons, methods of energy storage and use.

Own combat system: a ton of combo attacks, an AoE skills, buffs and accumulation of various types of energy. The combination attacks between classes and other tactical possibilities.

In addition, the game already has more than a dozen peaceful occupations, various mini-games, event, trade, bonuses for study and deciphering of secret maps. And there you can walk on the ships. Fight and simply explore the vast expanses of seas and oceans, to capture their own island, search for treasure and fight against maritime bosses.

Bless online

          • Developer: Neowiz, Aeria Games
          • Now: MBT
          • Business Model: Free-to-play
          • Dating game

        What sets, so this division into several states which are fighting for power, to do with the balance of power and territories will still depend on the players and those who steers the nation. Yet, against the backdrop of the Asian, colorful games, this will be a delight for the eyes – the Dark Ages, a little east of architecture and ancient Greece, a light fantasy without acid koreyschiny.Oriented game still is for PvP, the hints at this, and the presence of vast fields of battle and siege castles, as well as mixed boevka: habitual targetovye spells interspersed with special spells, for which it is necessary to look for the goal alone, dodge and run back.

        And still one can rob caravans =)

        Gloria Victis

        Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 6

                        • Developer: Black Eye Games
                        • Now: Alpha / beta test
                        • Business Model: Pay-to-play (free limited content)
                        • Dating game


        Severe medieval combat with an interesting (necessarily non-Target) and crafting system. This assurance game developers Gloria Victis. We expect the Middle Ages without magic and dragons, but with realism and brutality. A huge open world – a paradise for researchers, and sharpness for PvP game lovers to war. A mass of options here: jousting tournaments, an epic battle “against the peace of the world” and castle sieges and looting villages and caravans.

        The combat system is very similar to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, or War of the Vikings, but at the moment difficult to say, because it will still be improved, as well as graphics, which is high enough not to cause the slightest disgust. That is, we have to constantly move to how to successfully attack and evade enemies. And do not forget the archers that are always all “taken out of themselves” if they could get.

        But PvE lovers delight nothing special, standard setting but with a dozen bosses like lyudovedov or werewolves. But in the game, already implemented very cool craft and weather conditions. Kraft does not depend on luck, but on the player’s skill. Weather in Gloria Victis is constantly changing, because the game has a variety of seasons and weather conditions. The cycle of day and night, the change of season and weather conditions – only a small part of what the developers have planned, but that’s not all, because the weather affects the mechanics of the game.

        In general, neither give nor take – a simulator of the Middle Ages.

        MU Legend 2

        Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 7

                        • Developer: Webzen Games
                        • Now: Beta test
                        • Business Model: Free-to-Play
                        • Dating game

        MU2 Online (MU Legend) – This action MMORPG from Webzen companies. The game is a prequel to the game MU Online. You have to run for classes such as Dark Lord, Whisperer, Dark Wizard, Warmage and Summoner. You will also be able to fight with a huge number of enemies, a researcher at the scenic location, do crafting, etc. That is all that what you did in Diablo, but the network and in a slightly different form.

        It’s the same classic isometric online shooter, but much more beautiful than the progenitor (thanks to the Unreal Engine 3) and a much more varied (more classes, more territory, more possibilities of customization of the hero, larger classes, most). The essence of the game is not changed one iota, so if Diablo 3, you have long been fed up, MU Legend can be a good replacement.

        Dark and Light

        Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 8

                        • Developer: Snail Games
                        • Now: Beta test
                        • Business Model: Free-to-Play
                        • Dating game

        Long-suffering “sandbox”, closed in 2011, but under the watchful eye of the Chinese Snail Games has received a new life.

        So what is the Dark and Light? The original game was conceived was to be the MMORPG dreams true sandbox with huge opportunities, for some can only dream of an experienced player of the old school. One World (the size of a superior WoW 40 times), a large selection of races, classless system with interesting possibilities for character development, a variety of peaceful professions, land tenure and building, hiring and growing, dynamic weather system that has an impact on the gameplay, many species transport, and, of course, an advanced political system.

        On the technical side, the Chinese are markedly “proaprgreydili” original project, transferring the development of a new engine Unreal Engine 4 game and seasoned with modern technologies such as procedural generation land.

        Escape from Tarkov

        Top 10 most anticipated mmo 2017 - screenshot 9

                        • Developer: Battlestate Games
                        • Now: Beta test
                        • Business Model: Free-to-Play
                        • Dating game

        Escape from Tarkov acts are not the original, but always successful «STALKER my dreams” format. Developers correctly grasped the basic idea: to make a perfect game for the Russian audience, it is necessary to actively exploit the two main themes – war and mystery. The war in Tarkove is permanent: not only that the death bite in two groups, so also on the borders of the United Nations are cordons – neither enter nor exit.

        And if more detail, the Escape from Tarkov – hardcore multiplayer online game, in which intertwined genre FPS, TPS (1 shooter from 3 persons) and RPG. Its events will develop in the city Tarkova, and we will fight for mercenaries from 2 private military companies fighting on the streets of this village. Vengeance exploited ideas from the ARMA, where our character may die from disease, blood loss or starvation.

        We will collect the trash, search for drugs and weapons, to kill for these things and simply survive. We promise to hardcore action, realism based on a number of gameplay factors, plot-oriented passage, freedom of action and control of the character, a unique pumping system (you use – swings), player-controlled economic system and a variety of off-line activity, the type of treatment, trade, espionage, research and more.