Three things that we liked


Six thoughts about Rainbow Six Siege

One of the new pieces in the Rainbow Six Siege – class system operatives. Each player selects a fixed part (in most cases) and unloading special ability. Just Siege of them will be 20 at the start, but in a closed alpha – only 10 pieces. Although I have played for each class only one or two rounds, trying to try everything, so far my favorite – Sledge, tough guy from the SAS with a shotgun and a hammer that can break through the destructible doors, walls and windows.

What I like about operatives system, so it is that it limits the amount of explosives and grenades in every game, forcing them to save and spend exactly as prescribed in order to turn the tide of battle. “Chess” match each balance is enhanced by the fact that each class of operatives in the other team is a direct analog

Map with airplane gorgeous

Six thoughts about Rainbow Six Siege

When I first heard that I would play on the map under the name of “Airplane”, I immediately imagine that desantiruyutsya on passenger airliner in the air and that can punch a hole in the cabin, so that through them the enemy throws out. In fact, the plane in the Siege standing on Earth and nowhere is not going to fly, but it is still very exciting, intense level with three-story giant of a la Air Force One.

He refers to the classical part of Rainbow Six, it is necessary to fight in a very confined space, and the enemy at any moment can break through the hole in the floor beneath you, or in the ceiling above you. I expect that this card will be very popular.

Perhaps the most intense multiplayer game on the market

Constantly there are new online shooter, they develop and find new niches, offering and calculated the rate of reaction of the classic battles in the arena, as the revival of Unreal Tournament, and an asymmetric hunting monsters in the spirit of Evolve.

But I’m not sure that the market is at least one shooter comparable to Rainbow Six Siege of tension. Line health – very small, bullets – few levels – compact, error – inadmissible, and vertical gameplay due to the destroyed floor and ceiling only increases your stress.

Smoothly functioning team can arrange a full betmandets enemy – for example, at the same time undermine the explosives in several places, scaring the enemy and lured out of hiding right under the scope of your machines.

THREE GAME reason to doubt

Hostage do not need

Six thoughts about Rainbow Six Siege

Forwards in Siege Mode (the only one that we have so far shown) should try to rescue the hostages, which in fact is a such alive flag. However, with dozens of games played only a few times the team attacking in principle reached hostage and only a couple of times really able to withdraw it in a safe place. In most cases, the round ended with the death of all the players in one team.

This is bad, because it is precisely in those few cases where the attacker still managed to reach the hostages and lead him away, the moment came just too off-scale tension for both parties. I hope that in the final version of the game game designers will be able to customize all so that this gameplay was not a rare exception, but the norm for most of the rounds.

What happened to the graphics?

Everyone knows that it is only alpha. Listen to some nedorisovannyh textures and it is written that it is the alpha. And yes, the gameplay works fine here Siege on horseback. But after the game hit at E3 2014, it is difficult not to notice how it looks worse than it is now, nine months later. Lighting, detailed characters, with smoke effects are much worse compared to what we saw in June. And even if a great demo at E3 did not exist and could not compare with anything, anyway Rainbow Six Siege in its current form – it is not very attractive by the standards of next-gen game. I hope that we will return at least part of the beauty of the E3 version to release.

Difficulties with communication

Most of the time I spent Ubisoft Montreal, losing my fellow journalists. And although I am not a great expert on the shooter, I’m not quite so hopeless. On the contrary, I believe that the cause of most injuries – that our team is poorly coordinated its actions. Although our opponents are constantly talking to each other, two-fifths of our team for all time did not speak. Of course, always correct to play with a group of friends rather than with random people, but I hope that the final version will be able to coordinate actions and silent type. Fortunately, the game designer Siege, Endryu Uitts, promised me to do so: “We have a number of features just to solve this problem. Of course, in a closed alpha is best played with a headset, but the release will be other options. ”

Nadees that you see in the Rainbow Six Siege? Do you plan to enroll in a closed alpha? The good news is that after seven years and several canceled projects that have passed since the release of the previous Rainbow Six, now we can safely say that many favorite series inevitably return.