The game is almost entirely sustained in black and white, except for rare inclusions of red – the color is assigned the role to emphasize the mysterious and hostile elements.

However, in gameplay terms of a stylistic device played not on hand developers: try to find the items in a muted lighting and the absence of color is simply torture, and the key backlight interactive elements at the time of the review writing does not work at all – as, indeed, and many others key.

Alas, technical flaws do not end there: save junk, resulting in the game sometimes “forgets” what items a player has already found; sound editing sin inaccuracies, and the interface, to put it mildly, can not be called comfortable. In general, nothing criminal, mostly annoying little things

However, what kind of atmosphere can be discussed if all attempts to create at least some illusion of anxiety breaking on the continuing need for the protagonist (and, accordingly, a writer) to release the severity at the slightest provocation?

Yes, the developers themselves admit that the inspiration in a long time have become classics of the quests from LucasArts, like Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. However shefferovskie not afraid of the word, always masterpieces from the beginning asked light, playful tone – even when telling us about such serious things as death … here is the combination of gloomy tones and immature jokes like a man telling jokes at a funeral bearded.

The main problem Bear With Me just in the fact that the game can not be defined with its own theme: in front of us or comedy noir?

Detective or a parody of it? Children’s horror story or a serious mystic? Of course, people like SWERY65 – creator of the unforgettable Deadly Premonition (by the way, it is noteworthy that a local villain – Red man – like a caricature of a DP antagonist) – managed to gather such a seemingly incongruous elements into a coherent whole. However, this is an extremely difficult task, and, unfortunately, in the case of Bear With Me developers simply do not have enough talent to implement it.

Even if we consider the history of the game only as a ten-year girl with a rich imagination, seriously confusing design and the voice of the heroine. Judging by the game model, Amber must be fifteen or sixteen, and judging by his voice – all twenty-two. Yes, and many of its cues somehow too complicated for a preteen.

There are, of course, in the creation Exordium Games and its charm. Art design, with some exceptions, pleasing to the eye; music so little, but they are all quite pleasant and create the right mood, voice actor in general cope with the difficult task to breathe life into the characters in one or two of dialogue (and no longer allows the hour and a half timing of the episode) …

Even Amber, when not trying to be clever, capable extremely cute and funny remarks (for example, recommend to inspect cleaners in the bathroom).

However, perhaps the best moment of the appearance of the scene becomes a villain and a choice of following it. If developers have the strength to work out the consequences of this choice in subsequent episodes, the game has a chance to become something much more interesting than what she is right now.


The first episode of Bear With Me stuck at a crossroads: The authors have released the game until the end and did not determine what it should be. One ambitious ideas was not enough to get a one-piece product, and yet still not clear in which direction the game moves on. 

In the meantime, the first series of teddy detective – one big “but”: the existing potential and did not develop, but those modest achievements that Bear With Me have proved to be buried under a pile of annoying defects and technical shortcomings. We can only hope that in subsequent episodes Exordium Games will take their mistakes and make note of the same teddy noir that we are a good surprise.