Half-Life team does not yet know what awaits the series after Alix – review

Half Life Alyx

According to the studio’s lead designer Dario Casali, who worked not only on Alix, but also on the first and second parts of the shooter, the team will now study the player’s feedback.

Do people enjoy the game? How much did you join VR? Has VR become an integral part of Half-Life? We have no answers to these questions until we release the game and listen to the audience.

Dario Casali

Screenwriter Half-life 2 and dilogies Portal Eric Woolpo also explained why it was difficult for Valve to return to the series – as expected, the greater the gap between games, the greater the pressure on developers to make the sequel great.

According to Woolpo, the team is now positive, enthusiastic and confident that it can make another great Half-Life.

It is noteworthy that Woolpo himself left Valve in February 2017, but a year and a half ago, in before November 2018, he returned. It is not known how much he managed to invest in Alix, but from his answers to journalists it becomes clear that he is eager to begin work on a new project.

Let’s see what the new part of the cult series will be. While the developers are not sure of anything, they already have vague ideas for the future. True, nothing concrete has yet been decided.

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