Alan Moore will be furious: Zach Snyder and Jared Leto want to film “Killing Joke”?

The flagship project of the streaming service should be released in March 2023 HBO Max – versions “Justice League“(Zack Snyder’s Justice League) from the director Zach Snyder… Further plans will depend on the success of the project WarnerMedia on the development of the DC Universe.

As you know, the company is studying various options for new projects. Some of them are directly related to the work of Zach Snyder. But insiders say production is already picking up steam.

As the portal reports Small Screen, Zach Snyder and Jared Leto are working on a solo film about Joker… Previously, new promo materials of the “Justice League” were presented, on which you can see updated image The Mad Clown Prince performed by Leto. He looks much better than the ugliness that the audience saw in “Suicide Squad“(Suicide squad) David Eyre

According to insiders, the project is in its early stages of production. It is possible that the end result will not be a film, but a series for HBO Max. Also, the release of a graphic novel is not excluded.

Additional details on the project were announced by the chief editor of the portal Geekosity Mikey Sutton… His sources claim that Snyder and Leto intend to film the cult comic Alana Moore and Brian BollandBatman: The Killing Joke“(Batman: the killing joke), in which two storylines are worked out: one of the versions of the origin of the insane clown and the Joker’s mockery of Barbara Gordon (Batgirl), which he shot in the spine.

The project has not yet received the green light for production. At the same time, it is possible that the role of Batman is planned to be offered Ben Affleck

The fact that the 2016 Killing Joke cartoon was poorly received by the audience increases the chances of a new project moving to HBO Max to minimize risks. It will also help avoid confusing viewers who are now thinking Joaquin Phoenix the main version of the Joker.

The film itself may not be related to Snyder’s Justice League, as the Joker is considered an unreliable storyteller in the comic. At the same time, it is not clear what will happen to the line of Barbara Gordon. The fact is that earlier the director admitted that he planned to tell the story of the death Dick Grayson (Robin). His costume could be seen in the movie “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice“(Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice).

But who will the Joker tell his origin story to? Sutton hints that his new companion, nicknamed Punchline

The above is bad news for Alan Moore, who traditionally hates film adaptations of his work.

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