Alaloth: The Champions of the Four Kingdoms

The four kingdoms
Alaloth: The Champions of the Four Kingdoms is in fact a very important prerequisite: to offer yourself as an ideal match point between the classic Moonstone titles for Amiga and the most modern soulslike, braved by hardcore gamers thanks to the recent and beloved Souls saga, also squeezing the eye to Middle Earth: The Shadow of Mordor.
What Alaloth seeks to do is offer a game that takes the best out of various gameplay types and transplants into a fascinating fantasy universe, just as Avellon can create. Although still at the early stages of development, Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms does not betray its enormous potential.
Potential that on paper is far more than a promise thrown on the work table: an unusual visual isometric that squints the eye at the classic Baldur’s Gate, a world of dark fantasy atmospheres that cut with a knife and multiplayer cooperative mode up to four players simultaneously, which could be – if properly cared for – one of the best things in the whole experience. We are almost certain.
And the gaming system promises to be not too punitive, but not even those who take the lead by compromising the player: the player must first get confident with the combat system, which will avoid situations of the kind “press the key until you get the callo “, preferring a typical tactical complexity – precisely – of the well-known chapters of the Souls series. But not just: just like the historical title of the mindscape released over twenty years ago,
including Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms will have a huge map divided in turn in four macro areas, which of course will match the four realms that make up the game (some of you may have thought of Game of Thrones?).
Within these, ready to go down in battle, the four main characters, respectively elf, human, orchid and dwarf. It will be up to us to decide which of these will be the hero we will follow in the gesture, initially preparing physical appearance and abilities with a complex character editor (of which unfortunately we still know too little, due to the preliminary build).
Alaloth: The Champions of the Four Kingdoms
Look, there is a dragon!
Choosing a particular character will clearly lead to approaches to the remarkably different adventure, also highlighted by the presence of the so-called “Way,” specific paths that will allow our warrior to evolve on the basis of what we will be most prolific.
The Way of Arms, for example, will allow us to devote ourselves to the best with the use of cutting weapons, whether they are swords or daggers, while the Way of Gods will allow us to get in touch with the use of healing spells. Finally, the Way of Nature will give us the ability to use a whole host of spells related to magic attacks, such as infuriated balls or electric arrows, capable of defending us from our opponents even on the long distance.
The Gamera Interactive guys then put on a scales dish a non-indifferent variety, which will send in juniper soup all those who from a fantasy RPG expect above all. Not to mention the presence of four dragons, which in the universe ofAlaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms will slay death and destruction, depriving the player of each one in case they fall prematurely into one of them. It will then be possible to retrieve all that has been lost on the way, but not before returning to life regaining all our strength again.
And even technically, Alaloth promises to do things great: everything moves on Unity, which allows unmatched graphic versatility: light games, well-kept settings (especially those in the closed) and animations all in the same time fluid and harmonic, considering, inter alia, that the game is still in a rather embryonic state of development and therefore there will certainly be ample improvement margins.